Goal Setting For Success
Effective Communication
/Building Relationships
Managing Stress
Decision Making and Risk

Managing Time and Money

What is a transition?

Passage from one  phase in life to another.


What are the two main types of communication?

Formal and Informal.


Why is it important to manage stress?

Managing stress keeps you collected and on track to make it through any challenges coming your way. Also good for preventing health issues such as high blood pressure.


What is decision-making?

A method of choosing among options an taking action based on what we value.


What does it mean to manage your time?

Managing your time means to look at everything you need to get done within a certain amount of time and based on that, prioritizing what needs to get done first and how much time you should spend on something so you end up finishing everything on time.


Why is it important to set goals?

It keeps focused on the ultimate target in your life.


Verbal behavior is considered communication while non-verbal behavior is not considered communication. (True or False Question)

Both verbal and non-verbal behavior is considered communication. 


What is considered a trigger?

A situation, person, place, or thing that can cause you to feel stress.


What is a huge part of decision-making that should be considered?

Possible risks


What does it mean to manage your money?

Managing your money means to regulate how much you spend based on how much money you are earning so that you don't use up all your money. As long as you are able to save money after all your expenses, you are managing your money well.


What is difference between short term goals and long term goals?

Short term goal is a goal that you ant to complete in the near furtue, such as within the next week or the next month.

Long term goal is something you want to accomplish in the future.


Where may you notice that building relationships really is important?

Workplace, school, going to social events, etc. Building relationships is important, especially in these spaces because it makes the experience smoother and memorable.

You must always manage your stress on your own. (True/False)

False because there are groups and meetings that one can attend to address their stress.


How often do we make decisions that have both good and bad consequences?

Everyday we make decisions that come with good and bad consequences. 


What is prioritizing?

The act of placing items in their order of importance based on a particular factor, such as values, goals, or needs.


What is the most effective way of achieving a long term goal?

By setting short term goals.


What might you notice in a conversation that uses effective communication? (Think body language and way of responding).

Active listening

Eye contact

Head-nods here and there

Asking questions at appropriate times in response to what was said.


What is one of the many dangerous things that someone dealing with stress could end up using, if they don't manage their stress?

Drugs and Alcohol.


Why do you think decision-making skills can improve how someone makes a decision in the future?

It makes people think beyond the decision they are making in the moment. Decision-making skills makes one think about all the possible effects of their possible decisions. This can most likely prevent someone from making a decision they would regret.


Why is it important to start managing your time/money at a young age?

Learning to manage your money is a good habit to get into so that you always have it in you to save some of your money. As you get older, you will only have more expenses coming your way such as rent/house bills, phone bills, car insurance, etc. Learning to managing your time at a young age also proves to make one more efficient with their time in the future.


What four requiremnets does a good short term goal have?

1. Meaningful

2. Realistic

3. Measurable



What can good relationships do for you and the other party?

Everyone involved in the healthy relationship have a mutual benefit of having someone to talk to and having someone to listen to as well. Studies have shown that building good relationships helps people, especially teenagers, getting through the challenges of life. 


Is resilience compeltely good for managing stress?

Resilience is good for managing for stress by not letting people give up.


What are some things that could negatively impact when you making decisions?

Being under the influence of any substances including drugs and alcohol. If you are in a noisy area or rushing to make a decision, they can both prevent you from making your real decision.

How can it be hard to get into the habit of managing time and money at a later age?

It can be more difficult to enforce this habit on yourself in the future because you already grew up spending your money without much care and wasted a lot of time. A lot of adults face this because they were never taught to manage their time/money at an early age.

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