Give an example of a kind thing you could do for a stranger.

What is Smile, hold the door, pick something up, help them carry something, etc.  Answers will vary


A friend is sharing a story with you and they are proud of something they have done.  You should __________.

Be happy for them and listen to their story.  Say something kind after they are finished speaking.


Inclusiveness is...

including others and making them feel welcome


If someone does something one time and the person didn't know any better.  It is simply 

What is rude!


This is what its called when you say kind things to yourself.

positive self talk or self love


Explain and give an example of what a random act of kindness is...

What is.... something you do for no reason other than to be nice, examples will vary


True or False:  It's best to be friends with people who are just like you.

False!  Being friends with people who aren't like you helps you grow and learn.  Everyone has something unique to offer!


Canterbury kids are known for....

What is kindness and inclusiveness


In order for it to be considered bullying, the action must be these three things.

Repeated, hurtful, on purpose 


When something bad happens you have the choice to either _______ or ________.  

bounce back (move on, try again, laugh about it)

splat (get upset, give up, think you're never going to get it)


This is the name of the ability to recognize, understand, and share the thoughts and feelings of another person

What is EMPATHY!


This is how you can tell a friendship is a flower and not a cactus.

What is you feel good, safe and respected.

A cactus friend will make you feel insecure, bad and worried.

This is an example of how you can be inclusive at school.

Answers will vary.


Name three different types of bullying and give an example.

Verbal, cyber, social, physical, emotional

examples may vary


These are the skills you use when a feeling gets too big to handle.

Coping skills


Name two scientific reasons you should practice kindness.

What is: because it creates happiness in both you and the person you're kind to, or it has been proven to be good for your heart and brain health, it reduces blood pressure, it creates positive habits, it has a ripple effect


This is the term for when you have a thought pop into your head about someone that may hurt their feelings, so you choose not to say it or you change how it may come out of your mouth.

What is a social filter.


This is the word for when someone is left out.

What is exclusion.

This type of bullying involves teasing, making someone feel bad about themselves, joking in a mean manner, and spreading rumors abou them

Emotional bullying (social bullying too)


Name two coping skills you might use if you were angry.

What is deep breaths, positive talk, go for a walk, do some art, etc.

Name THREE character traits that help you show kindness...

What is patience, compassion, bravery, confidence, happiness, etc.


Name two things that friends never do.  

What is:

talk about friends in a negative way

share secrets about others

make friends feel bad

answers will vary


This is the shape you should stand in when speaking or playing with a group...

What is...a U shape (not a circle) so there is always room for more!


Explain what an upstander is and what they should do.

What is...a person who steps in when they see bullying.  They do the right thing and help the target, by either speaking kindly to them or helping them escape the situation.

This is a phrase that means when something bad happens and you find the good!

What is finding the silver lining!

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