Conditional Statements
Deductive Reasoning
Symbolic Form

Turn the following statement in to a conditional statement:

When it rains, I bring an umbrella.

What is If it rains, then I will bring an umbrella?


Determine the contrapositive of the following statement:

If I'm in shorts, then it is 80 degrees.

What is If it is not 80 degrees, then I am not in shorts?


This logic statement forms a true conclusion: Contrapositive, Converse, or Inverse

What is Contrapositive?


The symbolic form for the hypothesis of a conditional statement

What is p?


The amount of days in a leap year

What is 366?


In the following statement, determine the conclusion.

I wear a coat if it is cold.

What is I wear a coat?


Using law of syllogism, complete the statement:

If the number is not 6 then it is 7.

If the number is 7 then it ate 9.

What is If the number is not 6 then it ate 9?


These are the 2 logical statements that form a "fallacy"

What are converse and inverse?


The symbolic form of a converse statement

What is q -> p?


This animal meows

What is a cat?


Write the converse of the following statement:

If Maria has 7 dollars, then she can go to the movies.

What is If Maria can go to the movies, then she has 7 dollars?


Draw a conclusion:

Virginia is north of Florida

I am not north of Florida

What is I am not in Virginia?


Provide a counterexample for the following statement

If I like vegetables, then my favorite food is kale.

What is I like vegetables but I hate kale?


Symbolic form for law of detachment

what is

p -> q




The most watched sporting event in the United States

What is the super bowl?


The inverse of the following statement

I only eat ice cream on Sundays

What is If I'm not eating ice cream, then it is not Sunday?


Draw a conclusion:

If you drive 50 miles per hour in a school zone, then you will get a speeding ticket. If you get a speeding ticket, then you will pay a fine. If you pay a fine, you will be broke. If you are broke, then you will not be able to go to the movies.

What is If I drive 50 mph in a school zone, then I won't be able to go to the movies?


Provide a counterexample for the following conditional statement: If it is dark outside, then it is 3am.

What is It is dark outside and any time except 3 am?


Translate symbolic form given the legend: ~q -> p

p: Frogs don't have 18 legs

q: Dolphins walk on land

What is If dolphins can't walk on land, then frogs don't have 18 legs?


This popular chicken nugget brand is in the shape of this extinct animal

What is a dinonuggie? (dinosaur)


Biconditional of the following statement

It rains when it is cloudy

What is It rains if and only if it is cloudy?


Conclude the following statement:

Pecans don't grow on trees that go through a Florida drought. 

Pecans grew.

What is the trees did not go through a Florida drought?


Determine the truth value of the following statement

If John dates Sally, then John is happy.

John is happy.

Therefore John dates Sally.

What is false?


This law of deductive reasoning has a symbolic form of

p -> q

q -> r

p -> r

What is law of syllogism?


Longwood University was founded in this year

What is 1839?