Low-Income Culture
Fun Facts

Can you afford going to therapy if you are low income?

Not really no!


What does low-income look like?

It can range from any race, sexual identity, gender, age, number of people in the family, location! It can look like your average person ( you never really know who is low income) For example Sabrina grew up in a white suburb where her high school was nicknamed by others "White Castle" because of all the rich white kids! But she was low income and lived right by the school.

What does low-income culture mean?

Low-income culture is a culture within the low-income class in which certain actions, norms, and behaviors are repeated through different households. For example, people who are low income or have been in the past know "broke people meals" such as hot dogs with white bread or cup of ramen more than once weekly.


What does advocacy mean?

Advocacy means to publicly support and uplift the community/ make change in policy!


How many children are living in poverty right now?

There is 2.2 billon children on this planet and 1 billon of them are living in poverty.

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Does insurance cover all of counseling?

Nope! 38.32% of private practices are in network of insurance panel but it doesn't mean it is fully covered.


What is the main takeaway/ core value of EST?

EST/ Ecological System Theory focuses up recognition of a person's socioeconomic bubble and how different aspects intervene with one's self. Ranging from self to time and all those in the middle, EST gives a larger grasp to a person besides just their self identities.

What is your favorite low-income "broke people meal"?

Please give us your favorite mine is a cup of ramen by mariiuchan and michelle's is pizza!


How would you advocate for a low-income household wanting to get therapy?

Action Advocacy by creating pantries, daycare systems in the office when they are in sessions! Self Advocacy by providing a resource book for your client so they can recognize they can get the help they need. Lastly Social Advocacy, where the counselor tries to change policies within their own practice or community!


What is the percentage of Americans living below the poverty line?

54%!!!!! THAT IS CRAZY

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What is the average cost of therapy?

It ranges between anywhere from $60 to the nationwide average of $182 a session.


How can EST be used in a counseling session?

EST can be used in a counseling session by using the rapport you have created to recognize for yourself the different aspects of the clients life. By doing this, you as the counselor can adjust and advocate empathy to your client by knowing how intertwined their lives are with different factors.


What stress may a low-income person have?

Making sure they have a roof over their head, food in the fridge, having enough to keep the lights on, getting to work on time because they live far, having or getting a job, being safe, staying sick because they don't have insurance

Which form of advocacy do you prefer and why?

Action, Social, Self, Systematic, ?


Which country has no poverty?

Iceland! They have a work life balance (typically 40 hour weeks, family friendly so they know you need to pick up your kids from the dentist etc), higher percentage in equality wage gaps, higher rates of gender equality, free education up to high school (with subsidized daycare for both working parents). 

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If you make $1,132 a month, how much will be going towards therapy for a month? (With therapy costing $182 a session)

You would be left with 404 dollars!! Now how the heck are you supposed to pay rent/mortgage, utility bills, grocery bills, phone bill, tv services, fun activities, clothes, and save money all at the same time!!!!!!????


What are some barriers with EST?

Barrier's can range from income, to location,time,sexual identity, age, gender and even culture!


What are some low-income stereotypes?

Dumb, Lazy, Dirty, Beggars/Users, Addicts, Lonely, Rude, Cannot Read or Write,


What does advocacy look like?

It can start by a simple conversation to make change, from pantries to resources up to the top by governmental changes!


How many people live in poverty in the world?

About 9.25% or 689 million people live in extreme poverty on less than $1.90 a day according to the World Bank.

In the U.S it is around 34 million people living in poverty in 2019.

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What is the poverty line for a low-income household of four?



What does EST mean and who created it?

Ecological Systems Theory and Bronfenbrenner!! 

This one was easy but its about who is fastest to get the points!


How does mass media portray low-income households? and What movies have you seen about low-income households?

Mass media portrays them mainly as negative outcasts of society. As for recommendations, Michelle recommends Maid on Netflix, and Parasite while Sabrina recommends Fried Green Tomatoes, Precious and The Blind Side.


How can advocacy be apart of our daily lives as counselors?

By understanding and using empathy, the counselor can enact advocacy by recognizing the issues in which the client faces and try to help in a way that uplifts not only the sole client but the community they live in.


Which is the poor people meal? Spaghetti,Pancakes,Ramen,Cinnamon Sugar on Toast,Fried Eggs

Plot twist it is all of them

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