LPMS Dress Code
The 4 Skills
International Beverages
English Grammar
History of Salinas

What three colors are Panthers allowed to have their socks?

Black, white and Grey


Name at least 1 of the 4 skills

Academic skills, Employability Skills, Life Skills, Technical Skills

Any one of these will get points


This mix of chocolate, milk, brown sugar and corn flour is popular in Mexican communities


If known by a different name, that name will be acceptable


What are at least two cases where you must use capitalization?

Typing "I,"

Someone's name

The name of a specific place or product

The start of a sentence

Any two of these will be acceptable


Who is the most famous writer to ever live in Salinas?

John Steinbeck


Name at least 2 rules for wearing belts at La Paz.

No long hanging ends, no large belt buckles, no initials or symbols, no red or blue 

Two of these answers will get points.


What can we be prepared for by learning the 4 skills?

The 4 skills prepare us for our future careers.


The most important drink for athletes, scholars, and anyone trying to remain healthy.



This part of speech is sometimes called an "action word"

A verb


True or false (no steals available):

Salinas has the highest population of Spanish-Speaking people in California


(Los Angeles has a much higher population)


There is at least one exception where you do NOT have to wear a white collared shirt. What is it?

La Paz event/activities shirts


During PE when wearing the uniform.

Either answer is acceptable.


Give 2 examples of an academic skill

Answers will vary, the teacher decides what is correct.


Green tea from Japan, otherwise known as ______________, can be found in your local Starbucks.



What word is incorrect in this sentence? Explain:

"My sister and I went to the store and we bought a groceries."

The word "a" is incorrect, because "groceries" cannot be singular. It has to be plural. The correct sentence is:

"My sister and I went to the stores and we bought some groceries"

A version of this explanation is required for points. Other corrections of the sentence will count if they are grammatically correct.


Salinas has a nickname, given because of all the vegetables produced here. What is that nickname?

The Salad Bowl of America


There are two exception to the rules about keeping hoods down. Name them both.

When it is very cold

When it is raining

You must say BOTH to get points


Explain the difference between academic skills and employability skills

Frame (if needed): "_____________ skills are ___________, while ________________ skills are _____________________."

Academic skills are the things we learn in school, while employability skills are the things that help us get hired for a good career


This type of black tea, which contains bergamot oil, is named after the aristocrat Charles Grey. It is very popular in England

Earl Grey Tea


A part of speech that modifies a verb.

Example: She ran quickly 

(quickly explains, or modifies how fast she ran)

The part of speech is called an Adverb


What was the first High School ever built in Salinas (High school NOT middle school)

Salinas High (first built in 1920)


What is at least one reason why students cannot use airpods or bluetooth earphones while on campus?

Safety in case of an emergency


to avoid distractions while working

Either answer will do, or something close to that answer, as decided by the teacher


Name each of the 4 skills, and give one example of each

Answers will vary. Teacher chooses what is correct.


A fermented tea with cultures of bacteria and yeast. It is naturally bubbly, and often sold as a health drink, due to the large amount of nutritional bacteria contained in it.



What parts of speech are words like "under, over, on," and " with?"

these are called "prepositions."

What major event does Salinas host every year (for more than 100 years) which is the largest of its kind in the entire state of California?

The California International Rodeo

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