Burger King

And we have just the great kind of burger from Salem, NH at McDonald's. It is called The Big Mac. But first, let me ask...Who used to work there for his old job before being a teacher? (Hint name starts with J & o)

John Bucciero


Where in the world can you get a great burger like the Baconator or any kind of fast food burger?

You can start getting great burgers at Wendy's in Lawrence, MA.


What is the burger here called that has lettuce, mayo, pickles, and ketchup here at BK?

A Burger King Whopper! It has a lot to it, and I love it.


How did John make the Big Mac at McDonald's?

The three layers of bread we got, 2 beef patties, big mac sauce, lettuce, onions, pickles, and American Cheese.


Located anywhere in the world, Wendy's is a great casual place with what kind of or diner or what?

Dining place, if it was a bar, so help me. I would not appreciate that Wendy's. But the burgers here are absolutely delicious!


What is the king of bacon here?

A Bacon King, of course. I've seen reviews about it, but so good to try.


So how long ago did John decide to work for McDonald's?

When John was 16 years old, he worked there. His brother's girlfriend asked if he can work there.


What is the burger with tons of bacon at Wendy's?

Of course, Baconator and the Baconator son. Because the Baconator is a father, and it also has a son here. Like food type, not human type. You still eat it anyway.


What kind of cheese is on the whopper?

Cheddar or American


What was the big mac sauce ingredients?

John was never told. It's secret.


They also have a loaded ingredient in one of their burgers, what was it though?

Loaded nacho burger

It is sooo good!


What are Have-Sies when you get your Burger King Whopper?

French fries & onion rings, basically


Where can you get besides the Big Mac?

Quarter Pounder, a regular hamburger, more to come. I tell ya, you gotta come to Salem's McDonald's in New Hampshire or other McDonald places around the world.


Where can you find a Wendy's?

Anywhere in the USA


Where is the best Burger King around?

In your hometown.

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