Nurse Competency
Patient Education
Performance Measures

When do we clean VAD equipment?

Before AND after patient use.


Can a patient travel without an RN to procedure or test when they are in the CCU?

Patients in CCU must be accompanied by a VAD Competent Nurse. 

Patients on the floor only need to be accompanied by a VAD Competent Nurse if they are unable to care for their VAD, are newly implanted and cannot take care of their VAD or receive sedation. 


What do patients need to be taught to bring with them when they come to the hospital?

Back up controller


Where can you find MMC Performance Measures for VAD patients?

LVAD poster on the unit


What is the name of the flowsheet for documentation?

Under the VAD flowsheet


What is approved cleaner for VAD equipment?

Sani-cloth only.


What do you do if you suspect there is a problem with any part of the LVAD?

Call heart success.


Who is responsible for anticoagulation teaching? 

Name 3 disciplines. 



Dietary (coumadin diet teaching)


How do you know how often to change the VAD dressing and how do you know what type of dressing kit to use?

Frequency of dressing changes will appear as an order in Epic under orders. Type of dressing kit will also be specified (Daily or Weekly dressing kit). 


How often are MAPs documented?

As ordered


What must we ensure is present with patients with when travelling anywhere? This includes admission, transfer, or procedure.

Back up controller

2 Extra Batteries

2 Extra Clips (HM only)


Where are VAD Guidelines located?

There is a VAD resource binder on each VAD competent unit


What are the focuses of education for patients and families prior to discharge?

Dressing changes, VAD alarms, and ADLs


What are other quality measures that are monitored?

30 day re-admission, GIB, 30-day survival, 90-day survival, stroke within 30 days, infection within 3 months of implant, device malfunction


What are the different types of order sets?

Pre/Post Op

LVAD order set


How often are equipment carts checked by the VAD team?



How do you find the MAP of an LVAD patient?

MAP is found using manual BP cuff and doppler

It is a systolic measurement found at either the radial or brachial pulse points with a target of 65-85


What should LVAD patients and families be taught as signs and symptoms of driveline infection?

Temperature greater than 38 degrees C, erythema or drainage at insertion site


Name all 4 quality measures for our LVAD patients.

1. 1 year readmission rate

2. Out of bed and ambulating within 72 hours of implantation

3. Driveline infection rate

4. Length of stay


What are the 3 main components of documentation on the VAD flowsheet?

VAD settings (Flow, speed, PI, power, back up controller, system checks)

Dressing changes

Site assessment


How often are system checks done and how are they performed?

Daily for Heartmate 

No system check for HVAD

Hold down the battery button


What is the Pulsatility Index?

The measure of estimated LV contractility and how much volume is pumped with each contraction


Who leads the education given to patients and families and on what topics?

Heart Success Leads education and RNs reinforce with hands of practice (Batteries/connections/dressing changes/medications).


When evaluating program specific performance measures, what is used to compare?

MMC vs. National Average


How are many of the VAD orders placed in EPIC?

The VAD order set, in which many orders are placed as Nursing Communications