QSEN Competencies
PPE/Infection Control
Ergonomic Principles
PSLS/Incident Reporting

Why are faculty protocols important?

- maintain patient and staff safety

- standards of practice


What does QSEN stand for?

QSEN stands for Quality and Safety Education for Nurses.


What is the first step in donning PPE?

Perform Hand Hygiene


What are ergonomic principles?

“Ergonomic is a scientific discipline  that addresses the human being in the environment to facilitate human well being”


What does PSLS stand for?

Patient Safety Learning System


Name an example of a chemical restraint.

Chemical- psychoactive or sedative medication used with the intention of inhibiting a specific behavior or movement


What is the goal of the QSEN Competencies?

Prepare future nurses to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes required to improve the quality and safety within the healthcare system.


What is the difference between contact and contact plus precautions? 

Contact Plus requires you to wash your hands with soap and water instead of just ABHR. E.g. C-diff


When there is a patient status, the nurse must______?

Assess patient’s ability to balance, transfer, ambulate and use assistive devices and incorporate it into patient care.


Name an example of when to complete a PSLS Report?

Examples Vary


Name the three types of restraints and an example of each. 





Name all 6 QSEN Competencies

  • Patient-centered Care

  • Teamwork and Collaboration 

  • Evidence-based Practice (EBP)

  • Quality Improvement (QI)

  • Safety 

  • Informatics


Name 3 disease that require Airborne Precautions.

Measles, Varicella, Tuberculosis


Name the 3 Ergonomic Principles

1. Assessing patient’s ability to balance, transfer, and use assistive devices before planning patient care.

2. Educating patients about body positions that reduce the potential for repetitive stress injuries. 

3. Using ergonomics and body mechanics when providing care.


What are the 5 steps in reporting an injury to self?

1) Seek appropriate medical attention, if required.

2) Report the incident to your manager/supervisor.

3) Call the Provincial Workplace Health Call Centre at 1-866-922-9464 to report the injury or incident.

4) If you have sought medical attention or missed shifts from work, call WorkSafeBC teleclaim at 1-888-967-5377 to complete your incident report.  The Provincial Workplace Health Call Centre will advise you if this is a step you need to complete.  

5) If you will miss time from work, call EARL (the employee absence reporting line) at 1-877-342-3275. 

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