Moving Up
Rules and Procedures Pt 1
Rules and Procedures Pt 2
Thinking Errors

Nothing __ ______ but ______

What is "nothing is constant but change."


When can you advocate to move up?

When is Monday, Wednesday, Friday at Bridges?


What is the minimum time to be on TR?

How long is one week?


When is a doctors note due?

When is within 24 hours of missing group?



what is the belief that it is unbearable when things do not go as you want?

_________ is valid

What is compensation is valid


When do clients need to dress tight?

What is TR, Upperhouse on Thursdays, and advocating to move


What is a concern group?

What is a co-led group by staff and peers that come together to specifically discussing negative attitudes, behaviors, or actions when encounters, pull ups, and written concerns are not effective


Who do you need to contact when you are missing/running late to group?

Who is a your mentor, structure, a staff, and your therapist?



what is lack of empathy


Do _____ _______ and _______ will _________

What is do your thing and everything will follow


When you advocate to move up to Discovery, when is the deadline for Katie's sign off for funding? (how many days)

How many is 30 Days?


How do you drop hours/weight?

What is talking to weight watcher to log hours owed, working off the hours, sign off hours worked by staff and turn in needs slip, or pay off hours


What is contracting?

what is to borrow, buy from, sell to, or give gifts to other peers?


Trust (One-Way Trust)

What is the state where you trust no one completely, they are inferior to you, yet everyone should trust you completely?


Responsible _____ and ______

What is responsible love and concern


What does level eval entail?

what is a process of 7-10 days where an upperhouse needs to prove they can maintain their responsibilities and expectations in the community. They can then come across and peers vote and give feedback with final say from staff?


Name five aspects of the dress code.

What is no tank tops that show undergarments, showing midriff, no undershirts, bottoms must go to fingertips, no pajamas, no gang logos, no inappropriate logos, no hats, no headphones in, and no showing offensive tattoos.


What is the no show policy?

What is $20 if you do not let your therapist know before 6pm the day before.


Zero state

1. "I am worthless" 

2. transparency or "everyone can see I am worthless"

3. permanence or "I will always be worthless no matter what I do"


Remember _______ _______ ________ ________ to know ______ ______ _____ _________

What is remember you came from to know where you are going


What does upperhouse behavior look like?

What is being a role model for the community, communicating openly and effectively, writing encounters on what you observe, give fruitful feedback, come to group consistently and on time, keep self and peers accountable, maintain sobriety, and demonstrate mastery of lowerhouse concepts?


How can you do out of state/overnight travel while in day tx?

What is to be upper house, complete safety plan, provide an itinerary, establish a UA plan, to be turned in two weeks before departure and is approved by staff and therapist?


Name the five cardinal rules

What is:

1. No threats or threatening behavior or use, possession, or distribution, of weapons, or actual threats of violence

2. No use, possession, paraphernalia, or distribution of drugs, kratom, or alcohol, or contraband

3. No dating or sexual involvement

4. No stealing

5. No Knowledge of: Silent Rule


What is the key tactic to avoid change? what are the three components?

Closed Channel - "I am already perfect"

1. don't self-disclose

2. no receptivity to feedback

3. not able to self-criticize