Algebra 2
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If X=2, X+Y=71. Find Y.



Master Oogway goes to the market to buy food for his family consisting of his wife and 2 children, Bob and Jeff. Jeff eats (p+40) grams  of food whereas Bob only eats (p+12) grams of food. His wife and him eat (p+69) grams of food each. Let p be 20. Every 3g of food costs $0.5. Find the amount of money Master Oogway spent to buy food for his family.



Bala decides to drive home. If the drive home is 420 km, and he needs to be home in 2 hours, how fast must he drive home.



The sum of the first seven prime numbers divided by two is?



In an election, candidate A got 75% of the total valid votes. If 15% of the total votes were declared invalid and the total numbers of votes is 560000, find the number of valid vote polled in favour of candidate.



If Y=69, X-Y=489. Find X.



If you send x messages per minute and you send 900 messages in 10 minute. Find X



Bala went to a hospital for an emergency brain transplant. If the brain is bought legally it will cost 50000, but if the brain is bought in the black-market it will only cost 30000. However if Bala chooses to buy the black market brain if he get caught and be fined 100 000 dollars and vice versa. Which is more valuable. (spin the wheel is required)

Spin the wheel to find out


Jun Siong has a birthday party he invite 5 people for every 1 person that is x+3 soda. Assuming x=2 find the amount of soda needed for the party.



A shopkeeper bought 600 oranges and 400 bananas. He found 15% of oranges and 8% of bananas were rotten. Find the percentage of fruits in good condition.



 X=6, XY=54. Find Y.



You save 10000 if the banks gives you an interest of x% per 6 month and you get 19000 at the end of 5 years. Find X



If Bala want to open a shop from renter A it will cost x-300+200-100, however from renter B it will cost x+400-200+100. Who should he rent from. 

Renter A


Does the equation y=-5x+3 cut through the origin (0,0)



Aaron had $ 2100 left after spending 30 % of the money he took for shopping. How much money did he take along with him?



You have a total of x points. after gaining 6 points you got 5 more points than the other team with 16 point. Find X



A forest in 1990 had approximately 2500x trees  that stood. However, in 2020, the numbers have dropped to 25x.

(i) Find the difference of the number of trees between 1990 and 2020 in terms of x.

(ii) Given that x = 10000, find the percentage decrease of the number of trees in the forest from 1990 to 2020.




Bala find $16 per step takes and he found $8000 at the end of the day. Assuming he took X amount of step. Find X



You have 10000 dollars as your salary. When hiring Josette Lim, your usual salary decreases by 10 percent. But if you hire Jin, your salary decreases by 2000 dollars. You hired both members and bought a death insurance for both of them for free and will gain 1500 dollars if any of them dies each. If Josette Lim kills Jin, how much money would you have left?



what is the y intercept of y=8x-3



You subscribe x channel on a singtel subscription if you add a channel it will cost 550 if you unsubscribe a channel it will cost 500. Assuming that all channel cost the same what is X.



Josette's weekly income is $69x. If she spends $9x on a handbag and gives 30% of the remaining to Bala. She then gets robbed of $38 but Janice gave her $42. She places the reminder into her bank account.

a) How much money does she have remaining? ( In terms of x )

b)  The next day is her Birthday. Josette earns $(10x + 7). She then puts this money into her bank account as well. Let x be 50 and find how much money she has in her bank account.




Bala walks into a store A to buy some prata. One prata is $3. However, they are having a sale “Buy two get one free for the price of 4” However, store B is selling pratas at a price of one for $5. If Bala want 69 pratas, which store should he buy from for the most value.  

Store A


When join the class president for Class 2A4. Jin got 6 votes, zhicheng got 7 votes, jun siong got 3 votes, jane got 24 vote. if jin go buy voter from jane how many voter do he need to buy to win all the candidates.


Thomas the train was scheduled to reach the train station at 5pm. He left for the train station at 12pm. Unfortunately Thomas was a steam engine and had to refill his coal every 1 hour, which would take 15min. If he does not reach the train station on time, every hour that he is late for costs the company $200. There were 500 passengers waiting to board Thomas and they paid $30 per ticket. How much profit did the train company made?


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