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What number that is NOT in the Roman Number System?

What is ZERO


The Arabic number system, the number system we use,  is derived from what country?

What is India.  The English numerals used today are actually Arabic numbers from many centuries ago.


This common math symbol was invented in 1557 by Welsh mathematician Robert Recorde who was fed up with writing “is equal to” in his equations. He chose the two lines because “no two things can be more equal”.

What is the equal sign.


What common math term describes "for every one hundred" in Latin?

What is "percent"


All odd numbers have this letter in common.  What is it?

the letter "e"


In the Roman Number system, numbers are written using how many different letters?

What is 7 letters.


From the Latin word which means "counting table", this was developed by the Sumerians between 2700-2300 BC and used by ancient civilizations as a manual calculator.  The original one used dust on a table but developed to the use of pebbles and beads on a frame.

What is an abacus


A Greek mathematician noticed that the morning and evening star Venus were one and the same.  He developed a theorem that related the length of the sides and the long edge of a right triangle.  Who was he?

Who is Pythagoras


In a poll of 3,000 people, what was determined to be the most popular number?

What is the number 7


In the entire Hindu Arabic number system, only one number can be written in letters with the same number of letters as the number.  What is it?

the number "4"  Four


What was the original name for the number 0?

What is Cipher


This famous Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, engineer and scientist was also a mathematician and made discoveries in geometry.  Some of his most famous works can be seen in Florence, Paris, Venice.

Who is he?

Who is Leonardo daVinci


The first calculation of this number was done by Archimedes of Syracuse (287–212 BC), one of the greatest mathematicians of the ancient world.  This number represents the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle and is an irrational number whose decimal representation never repeats or terminates.

What is Pi  3.14.........

Pi remains the same no matter the size of the circle


What is the math term used to describe the likelihood that something will happen?

What is probability


What comes after million, billion, and trillion?

What is quadrillion 


A number added to itself is the name as the number multiplied by itself.  What is the number?

What is "2"

2 + 2 = 2(2)


Eratosthenes of Cyrene (276 BC-197) was a Greek mathematician who worked on prime numbers and geometry. He made an accurate measurement of this dimension of the earth. 

What is it?

The circumference of the earth


Sir Isaac Newton changed the world when he invented this field of math in 1665 at the age of 24.  It has direct application in physics, chemistry, biology, economics, pure mathematics, all branches of engineering, and is studied in college and sometimes high school.

What is calculus


The math symbol used to represent infinity appears like  a number written sideways.  Which number is it?

The number 8


The majority of the months have 31 days in a calendar. Only four months have 30 days.  What are those months?

What is April, June, September, and November

If you write out the words for the numbers in the Arabic system, the first time the letter "A" is used is in what number?

the number "1000"



Which famous pro basketball player (played for the Chicago Bulls but is now retired) who has a pair of shoes in his name was a Mathematics major in college?

Who is Michael Jordan


Developed by Persian mathematician Al-Khwarizmi,  the discovery of this field of math whose name was derived from the title of his book, Kitab al-Jabris described as 'reduction' and 'balancing' of subtracted terms that is a transposition to other sides of the equation (cancellation of like terms).

Hint: You begin to study this in Grade 6

What is Algebra


What term is used to describe "1/100" th of a second?  

a common term is used to refer to this quick response

What is a "jiffy"


The opposite sides of a dice always add up to what number.

What is 7