Coping Skills
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Are you helping your friend if they come to talk to you and you don't have any advice to give them?

Yes. By being open and letting them vent about what's going on, you are helping to alleviate their stress and get things off of their chest. You are not a professional (or maybe you are, who knows), and you can't expect to have all the answers. Sometimes just listening is all they need.


Name 3 signs that a person could be suicidal

Direct suicide threats such as “I want to die,” or indirect threats such as “You would be better off without me”, personality changes or withdrawn behavior, hoarding medication, giving away prized possessions, lack of interest in future plans, isolation from friends and peers, prolonged depression.


True or False- admitting that something is wrong is giving up on yourself.

FALSE. Admitting you are having problems is often very hard to do, and asking for help is a sign of strength and willingness to work through what you are experiencing.


What is the difference between "adaptive" and "maladaptive" coping strategies?

Adaptive: Positive ways of coping. Ex, confronting problems directly, making reasonably realistic appraisals of problems, recognizing and changing unhealthy emotional reactions, Reading, Meditating, Journaling, etc.

Maladaptive: Negative ways of coping. Ex, using alcohol or drugs to escape problems, screaming instead of talking out problems, physical altercations, self-harm, binge eating, etc.


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True or false- If your friend tells you that they are going to harm themselves and they make you promise to keep it a secret, you should always respect their wishes and keep it a secret.

False. If you are concerned for their safety, tell someone. Talk to someone who can help. It is better to have a friend who is alive and mad at you than to lose a friend. If you think they are serious about attempting suicide, do not be afraid to call 911.


Name 3 symptoms of depression

Feelings of despair and hopelessness feeling detached from life and those around you continued fatigue or loss of energy feelings of sadness – crying for no apparent reason inability to concentrate or make decisions thoughts of suicide changes in eating or sleeping patterns persistent or recurring headaches or frequent gastrointestinal upsets Losing interest in activities that are enjoyed.


Name 3 places/people you can go to talk to if you are having a hard time or think you might have a mental health relapse.

- ANY staff, ANY time

- Call the office 323-200-2550

- Crisis line 833-802-9114


A friend tells you they no longer want to be your friend. Give 3 examples of how you can respond using adaptive coping strategies. 

Ask your friend to talk further, taking 5 minutes to yourself to process the information, reach out to Care Manager, listen to music, etc.


What bird can rub faster than a horse?



True or False- If you find the right words to say and spend enough time with them, you can cause your friend to get better when they are experiencing a mental health issue.

False. Temporarily you can make them feel better, but if there is an underlying cause making them feel bad, you can't fix it on your own. Sometimes helping a friend through something like this is challenging and frustrating because you cannot instantly make everything better. Being patient is key, and realizing that they need to be able to work out their own problem is needed to avoid burning themselves out. You can be a huge support for them, but ultimately you cannot fix everything.


This disorder is characterized by depression and anxiety as well as flashbacks. It is common among victims of crimes and people in the military.



True or false- Medication is the only treatment method that works for mental health problems.

False. Medication can be helpful and is sometimes necessary depending on the severity of the issue, but other methods such as therapy and counseling can also be very helpful. Talk to a doctor about all of your different options.

Exercise and proper nutrition have also proved to contribute to mental health.


Your friends are mad at you because you arrived late for a birthday party. What adaptive coping skills can you utilize?

Take responsibility and apologize.


How many brains does an octopus have?



Name 3 things you can do to help a friend who thinks they may have a mental health problem.

Listen to them, spend time with them, encourage them to seek help, go with them to appointments/ help them make appointments, show them that you care :), if it is serious tell someone, don't judge, ask someone for advice


What event is this describing?..." sweating, nausea, trembling and numbness in the legs or hands, dizziness, hot or cold flashes, a feeling of tightness or pressure in the chest, hyperventilation, “jelly” legs or blurred vision can develop. Individuals may even feel like they are going to die of a heart attack" What Event does this describe?

Panic attack/Anxiety attack


True or false- you need to know exactly what you're going to say and how you're going to say it before you talk to a counselor.

False. Counselors are there to listen to whatever is troubling you, and you can open up to them at a pace that you are comfortable with. Tip: if you feel like you might get nervous and freeze up, it often helps to write things down before your appointment. This also helps you to organize your thoughts and put things in perspective.


Your peer is not contributing to house 'chores' and you think that is unfair. What adaptive coping skills can you utilize?

Communication. Ask the peer if they need help, Reach out to staff and ask us to intervene.


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Name 3 reasons why people hesitate to get help

They don't want to "burden anyone else with their problems", it is hard to talk about, it makes them feel vulnerable, fear of being judged, stigma, don't know who to tell, don't think the problem is "serious enough", asking for help is "giving up", no resources available.


This disorder is a combination of a manic phase (a sudden onset of exhilaration and excessive good mood), and a depressive phase (feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, and prolonged sadness)

Bi-Polar Disorder


How to you get a hold of your Care Manager?

Call the office 323-200-2550 and ask to talk to a staff member.


A group of peers starts to make fun of you. How do you adaptively respond? 

Ignore your peers. You can start listening to music and when your peers leave you can reach out to Care Manager to talk through/process what happened.


What animal is the only mammal to fly?

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