Mental Health
Coping Skills

What is one way of staying mentally healthy? 

Therapy, Exercise, Sleep, Social Interactions, Creative Projects, Take Medications as Prescribed


What is the purpose of anxiety? 

It protects us from potential danger in the future.


Name one safe form of distraction. 

Music, Watching something, Playing a game, Talking to a friend

What is Mental Health? 

Our mental wellbeing. Thinking, Behaving, and Coping in adaptive ways. How we cope with life's challenges and stressors. Taking care of ourselves.
How do we know if our anxiety has become too much?

It interacts with our ability to live day to day life (e.g., eat, sleep, see people, go to school, etc.)

Name a safe coping skill that can be used at school. 

Ask teacher for a break, have a snack, draw or color, go to the bathroom and splash water on face, take deep breaths to calm self down


What are intrusive thoughts?

Negative, distressing thoughts that pop into our head and immediately cause our anxiety to go up. They are hard to get control of. 


What is Shame?

The feeling that we are somehow "bad" and need to hide. 


What is grounding? 

Focusing on the sights and sounds around us, in the present moment. 


Why is learning to take deep breaths important? 

It is one of the fastest ways we can calm our nervous system down. It interrupts the flight or fight response and makes our bodies less anxious and tense. It signals to our brains that we are safe.


What is the difference between shame and guilt?

Shame: feeling bad about who we are

Guilt: feeling bad about something we've done (this can be appropriate at times)


What is the new Mental Health Emergency 3 digit number?


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