Figurative Language
Social Language

Joe hobbled back to his house, wincing in pain and holding his helmet.  Why is he upset?

He got hurt on his bike/scooter/roller blades.


She is as sharp as a tack.  What does that mean?

She is very quick witted and intelligent.


What do you do if your teacher is speaking with the principal, but you need to use the bathroom?

Politely ask/state "Excuse me..."


Synonyms for Fast

Quick, Speedy


Paul grabbed eggs, flour, and water, and mixed it all together.  Once blended, he poured small circular shapes onto the griddle.  He waited patiently to see bubbles form and then flipped it.  What is he making?



The sky is angry today.  What does this mean?

The sky is dark, stormy.  


What do you do if you see another student cheating on a test?

Privately speak with your teacher.


Antonym for massive

Small, tiny, miniscule


Harriet found all of the pieces to the puzzle, but one.  She looked all around her house for hours, until she noticed ripped cardboard near the dog bed.  What happened?

The dog ate her puzzle piece.


Her hands were ice after she lost her gloves sledding.  What does this mean?

Her hands were freezing.


What do you do if you are going on a field trip, but you forgot your permission slip?

Ask to call your mom.  Don't go on the field trip.

Synonym for Nervous

Worried, Anxious

Each morning I wake up and grab my cup of coffee before I hear anyone else stirring in the house.  I enjoy the quiet before my children come down for breakfast.  Who am I?

A mother or father.


She can't wait to let her hair down over spring break.  

She can't wait to relax.


Your teacher tells you your work is incorrect, but you are positive it is correct.  What and HOW do you respond?

Politely explain you think it is right and ask her to show you how it is incorrect.


Use context clues to figure out this word:

The teammate was expelled from the soccer game after he yelled at the referee and then kicked a player.

expelled - thrown out, banished, banned


My daughter receives her first crown today.  She has been waiting her whole life for this moment.  I grab my crown and robe and walk towards the throne.  I watch as my daughter walks out in a gown.  Who am I?

A king OR queen.


I knew my dad was pulling my leg when he told me he won the lottery and won $6 billion.

He was kidding/teasing


How are these different?

I don't want THAT for dinner.
I don't want that for DINNER!

1.  You don't want that specific thing for dinner.
2.  You want it for a different meal (breakfast/lunch)


Define the word using context clues:

The girl concealed the present from her mom on Mother's Day by putting it in the closet.

Conceal - hide, keep secret.

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