Coping Skills
"I" Statements
Postive Reframing

Explain what a coping skill is.

Coping skills are reactions in response to a challenging event that reduces loss or harm.


An example of mindfulness is

Listening to your body, taking deep breaths, being in nature, journaling, etc.


Name 6 emotions

Answers may vary


Your brother takes your toy from you. What should you say?

I feel angry that you took that. I do not take things from you when you are using them.


I lost the game of dodge ball, I am a loser.

Sometimes I'll win, sometimes I'll lose. I had a lot of fun playing anyway, and maybe I'll win next time!


Name one benefit of a coping skill.

•Improved mental health!

•Higher emotional intelligence

•Experience less negative emotion

•Higher probability of adult success


Mindfulness is the act of.....

increasing awareness of thoughts and feelings, and acting with awareness


When is emotional regulation important?

During any emotion or feeling where regulation is required.

AKA Always!


Your friend copies off your test in class. What should you say?

I feel afraid when you copy off of my test because we may both get in trouble. I study really hard to get good grades, and I am afraid you don't care. 


The other kids are making fun of my appearance. I am so ugly.

Everybody is different! It's important for me to be kind to myself. I love myself, and I know talking to my friends or family will make me feel better.


You should do this coping skill when you feel negative emotions start to happen, but cannot leave the space.

Deep breaths; Counting; Asking for help; etc

What is heartbeat breathing?

(demonstration accepted) Closing one's eyes, listening to your heart beat, focusing on breathing


Why is it important to be able to accurately express emotions with accurate feeling words?

So people can better understand you and how you are feeling. 

So you can better understand what you are feeling and why.


Your dad is trying to help you with math problems, but he is rushing you because he thinks the math is easy.

I feel frustrated because I do not understand this as much as you do.


My best friend told me she doesn't want to be my friend anymore. 

I'm sad about the loss of a friend, but good friends wouldn't be mean to me. This is a great opportunity for me to find better friends and meet new people.

You can do this coping skill if you find yourself very angry about a situation.
Ride the Wave

Also acceptable: Journal, ask for help, etc.


What is Progressive Body Relaxation?

(demonstration accepted)

Gradually flexing and relaxing parts of your body starting at your feet and working your way up


Having emotional regulation means you can: Name 1

1.Realize what emotions you have

2.Influence your emotions and when you have them

3.Influence how you experience and express emotions


You share a room with your sibling. You are trying to clean the room, but they are not helping.

I feel tired of cleaning and do not feel appreciated. I feel like I do a lot to clean our room, and I sometimes feel taken for granted. I would appreciate some help.


I'm not good enough. No one likes me.

I AM good enough! I am worthy of love and friendship. I have a lot of great traits that make me a good friend. I have special people in my life that do care about me. 


Turning sad/angry thoughts into more productive, positive ways of thinking is called....

Positive Reframing


Increasing mindfulness will decrease



Explain the anger volcano

The process of anger one goes through that has the potential to increase until one is out of control of their emotions and reactions.


Your teacher is mad at you for sleeping in class. 

I feel sleepy because I did not get much sleep last night. I'm sorry for not paying attention. Learning is important to me, but I am not mentally at my best right now. Can I get a drink of water to wake me up?


I failed my test. I am so stupid. I can't do anything right.

Everyone gets bad grades sometimes. I can use this as motivation to study harder next time. One grade doesn't define me. I can do a lot of things very well.