Coping Strategies
Sketch it!
Relaxation Techniques
Should I or Shouldn't I?

When you are upset, what coping strategies do you use?

List them!


Draw something that you are grateful for

Show me


5-4-3-2-1 Things

List 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can feel, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste right now


You decide you already know what your teacher is teaching, so you turn around and talk to your friend instead.

I shouldn't! What is a better thing to do

Turn down the fire HOSE

When you are feeling worked up, irritated, or angry first ask yourself if you are either Hungry, Overstimulated, Sleepy, or need Exercise


If you have a lot of thoughts running through your head, what can you do to cope?

Tell me!


Draw something that helps you feel calm 

show me


five finger breathing

I will show you how!


Someone says something mean about your friend, so you explain how it was hurtful to the person then walk calmly away with your friend.

You should!


List TEN things that you can do to feel happy

What are your 10?


Which of these is a positive coping strategy? 1) keeping your feelings locked inside, 2) listing things you're grateful for, 3) telling people nothing is wrong when something is.

3) listing things you're grateful for. List 3 for me.


Draw how you are feeling right now in this moment

tell me and show me


deep belly breathing

I will show you!


Your teacher asks the class a question and you know the answer, so you yell it out without being called on.

you shouldn't! What is a better thing to do?

The Circle of control helps us focus on our own actions rather than worry about what is out of our control.

What is one thing in your control?

What is one thing not in your control?

I'll tell you my idea as well!


What are some activities that relax you?

Tell me 3


draw a place that is peaceful to you 

Show me and tell me about this place


show me an exercise you can do to calm down when you are worked up

show me and tell me what you call it!

Your friend did well on a test and shows you her grade, you congratulate her

I should!


Tell me THREE things you love about yourself

List them for me!