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Originally named "Mom's" until a painter accidently painted the entire building it's iconic color, Tootsies Orchid Lounge is what color? 

Orchid (purple) 


What is the most popular liquor for the state of Tennessee? 



What Rupert Grint Look-a-like recorded his album "X" in Nashville in 2014. 

(Hint - Here is a picture of Rupert Grint)

Ed Sheeran


This actress and singer is known by two famous names, a country music star dad, likes parties in the USA and was born in Tennessee.

Miley Cyrus


What is the Tennessee state fruit? 



What is the name of this famous Nashville location? 

The Grand Ole Opry


This is one of the must have foods of Nashville. What is it?


Fried Pickles!


What Elvis Presley song, recorded in Nashville, has the following line repeated throughout the song: 

"Where they'll be so lonely, baby, 

Well, they're so lonely 

They'll be so lonely, they could die."

Heartbreak Hotel 


This singer and actor was born in Memphis, a member of the Mickey Mouse Club as a child, and was very "in sync" with his band mates... until the band broke up and he went on to become a solo artist. 

Justin Timberlake


The ABC show Nashville shows a popular musician hangout in Nashville called The Bluebird Café. Is this a real café in Nashville? 

Yes! It is on Hillsboro Pike Rd in Nashville and is often filled with local singers and songwriters.


The circle of wood on the Grand Ole Opry Stage is cut from the original home of the hit radio show in what famous auditorium? 

The Ryman Auditorium


The Goo Goo Bar, created in 1901 is considered the nations first combination candy bar. It includes peanuts, caramel, milk chocolate and what other ingredient? 



What song, originally sung by Chuck Barry, (but covered by many) starts with the lyrics: 

"Long distance information give me Memphis, Tennessee. 

Trying to find the party trying to get in touch with me. 

She would not leave her number but I know who placed the call. 

'Cause my uncle took the message and he wrote it on the wall."

Memphis, Tennessee 

Sung by Chuck Barry, The Beatles, Elvis Presly, Johnny Rivers and more.


This famous singer got her start signing at the Grand Ole Opry and has a healthy distrust of red heads named Jolene.

Dolly Parton


Nashville is home to country and non-country artists including Jack White, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney who are members of what Rock/Alternative band?  

The Black Keys


This famous Nashville pyramid is owned by what company? 

Bass Pro Shops


This Nashville staple was originally created by a wife getting back at her husband for "stepping out" on her. 

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich 


What type of piano was used to create the background music in Tammy Wynette's hit "Stand By Your Man"

A Steinway - now housed at the Musicians Hall of Fame


This famous talk show host got her start in Nashville as an anchor for a local news station. She was both the youngest and the first black female news anchor at the station.

Oprah Winfrey


The market Redfin is entering at the beginning of September?



The lyrics "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" are inscribed in what famous Nashville building?

The Country Music Hall of Fame


This distillery located in Lynchburg, TN is known by it's iconic rectangular bottle and most commonly it's black label.

Jack Daniels 

Finish the lyrics for Chris Stapleton's song "Tennessee Whiskey":

"You're as smooth as _________ _______, 

You're as sweet as __________ ____, 

You're as warm as a _______ __ ______,

Smooth as Tennessee Whiskey, 

Sweet at Strawberry Wine, 

Warm as a Glass of Brandy


Which of these celebrities are NOT at Madame Tussuaud's in Nashville?
Katy Perry 

Jimmy Hendrix

Brad Pitt

Aretha Franklin

Brad Pitt


The Parthenon in Centennial Park is the world's only exact replica of an ancient Greek temple. Inside the temple is a gilded goddess that stands 42 feet tall. Who is the goddess inside the temple? 

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom 

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