Concert Singers

This country artist performed at the 91st National FFA Convention in 2018. He is known for his son Friends in Low Places.

Garth Brooks


This president gets the most hate for his Twitter presence.

President Donald Trump


This artist sang a long time ago at National Convention. It was 2013. He claims, "What was I thinkin'" while he screaming "5-1-5-0."

Dierks Bentley 


This president spoke at National Convention after becoming the president when FDR passed away.

President Harry S. Truman


In case you didn't know, this year's National Convention will be this artist's second time performing at the National FFA Convention. I'll give you some mercy if you didn't.

Brett Young


This president spoke the year before he became president. His son also become the president but did not speak at National Convention.

President George H. W. Bush


This female trio is known for Head of Heels and performed at the 90th National FFA Convention and Expo.

Runaway June


This president spoke right before his election in 1968 and was later involved in the Watergate Scandal.

President Richard Nixon

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