This animal has humps on its back and can survive for 6 to 7 months without water.

A. Turtle   B. Kangaroo   C. Camel

C. Camel


This animal enjoys swinging on trees and eating bananas.

A. Mouse   B. Bird   C. Monkey

C. Monkey


It has a long neck and slender but long legs. Its coat is light brown with reddish brown spots.

A. Giraffe    B. Zebra   C. Elephant

A. Giraffe


This animal looks like a lizard, but unlike lizards, it has a massive body, a strong tail and a powerful jaw.

A. Iguana   B. Crocodile   C. Aligator

B. Crocodile


This sea creature has a flat, round body covered with shells. It has ten legs, two large claws, and usually moves sideways.

A. shrimp   B. Crab   C. Sea shell

B. Crab


This insect has six legs, claws, and a sting on its tail.

A. Scorpion   B. Mosquito  C. Spider

A. Scorpion


A cute animal that loves collecting acorns. It has a fluffy tail and  claws that it uses to climb trees.

A. Squirrel   B. Bat   C. Frog

A. Squirrel


This animal is big, very strong, and can run fast. They resemble cows, but they have larger horns than cows do.

A. Cow   B. Wildebeest    C. Buffalo

C. Buffalo


This cute animal uses its flat, rounded tail for swimming. It gathers tree branches to create a dam.

A. Otter   B. Rat   C. Beaver

C. Beaver


It has a strong jaw, sharp teeth, and a triangular fin on its back. It can swim fast and eat other fish.

A. Dolphin   B. Whale   C. Shark

C. Shark 


Whenever this snake shakes its tail, it produces sound.

A. Python   B. Rattlesnake   C. Cobra

B. Rattlesnake


It is a small, furry mammal with long ears, short, fluffy tails, and two big front teeth.

A. Rabbit   B. Mouse   C. Lion

A. Rabbit


They are known as the "king of the animal kingdom." They have razor-sharp teeth and claws. They enjoy eating meat.

A. Lion   B. Chita   C. Jaguar

A. Lion


This animal is also called a "sea cow". They look like walruses but without fangs, and they live in fresh water.

A. Manatee   B. Hippo   C. Sea lion

A. Manatee


It has eight tentacles and can change colors. When it gets scared, it shoots ink to hide or escape.

A. Octopus    B. Sea Turtle   C. Jellyfish

A. Octopus


This bird cannot fly because of its huge size, but it can run fast because of its long and strong legs.

A. Ostrich   B. Eagle   C. Roadrunner

A. Ostrich


This animal is strong, has big claws, can run fast, and can climb trees. They like eating honey, nuts, insects, and fish.

A. Wolf   B. Bear   C. Tiger

B. Bear


It is a huge bird that does not hunt for food. Instead, this bird feeds on the leftovers of animals that have died.

A. Owl   B. Vulture   C. Eagle

B. Vulture


It looks like a crocodile, but instead of a rounded snout, it has a narrow triangular snout.

A. Iguana   B. Crocodile   C. Aligator

C. Aligator


This sea creature looks like a horse. But unlike a horse, it does not have legs; instead, it has a curly tail.

A. Sea dragon   B. Seahorse   C. horse fish

B. Seahorse


This bird can run up to a speed of 20 miles per hour (32 km per hour). It eats insect, lizard, and snakes.

A. Ostrich   B. Penguin   C. Roadrunner

C. Roadrunner


It is a huge cat with orangish fur and black stripes.

A. Lion   B. Chita  C. Tiger

C. Tiger


This huge cat is a good tree climber. It has white fur on its tummy and yellow fur on its back. Its body is mostly covered with black spots.

A. Leopard   B. Chita   C. Tiger


A. Leopard


They are also known as "river horse". They have a barrel-shaped body, short legs, and a short tail. They spend most of the day swimming in the river.

A. Hippo   B. Crocodile   C. Rhino

A. Hippo


They are considered sea creatures, though they are birds. Its coat color is black and white. They have wings they use for swimming.

A. Penguin   B. Pigeon   C. Sea lion

A. Penguin