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This 8-syllable philosophy instructs us to make moral decisions based on what will create the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

What is utilitarianism?


This substance was originally invented to be a pesticide; its later use for something worse is an example of "dual use" 

What is Zyklon B?


This shape captures three elements of any argument. 

What is the rhetorical triangle?


This unit of text is important in giving writing "form."

What is a paragraph?


This project is platform for gathering a human perspective on moral decisions made by machine intelligence.

What is the moral machine project?


This philosopher believed in "moral" (or "categorical") imperatives and that certain things, like lying, are always wrong.

Who is Kant?


This model helps us consider who or what we owe ethical treatment. 

What is the moral sphere?


This writer says that no one can write a good first draft. 

Who is Anne Lamott? 


David Foster Wallace uses what element for his metaphor about "operating on the automatic, unconscious belief that I am the center of the world, and that my immediate needs and feelings are what should determine the world's priorities?"

What is water?


This philosopher believed in the golden mean, or finding the "just right" place between two extremes of behavior. 

Who is Aristotle?

Believed to be the first recorded statement on ethics engineering, it states that "the health and safety of the public shall be the highest law."

What is Cicero's Creed?


This commercial is primarily an appeal to what rhetorical appeal?

What is pathos?


One of the most common errors in student writers is this, in which two complete sentences are connected with a comma 

What is a comma splice?

Kim's three guidelines for NHV are...

What are 

Be Here Now

Be Curious

Take Care of Yourself ?


This form of transportation is used in a famous thought experiment for utilitarianism. 

What is a trolley?


Aristotle said we learn virtuous from emulating these people. 

What are moral exemplars?


This advertisement depends on these two rhetorical appeals: 

What are logos and pathos?

Not really wanting to write something, or not caring about what you are writing, can result in a lack of this main characteristic of good writing. 

What is honesty?

(Also will accept: what is voice?)


The blue card in this class's discussion card setup calls for this. 

What is a fact check?


This principle says that if we can't apply a moral rule to everyone, it's not ethical. 

What is the universality principle? 


This "illness" contributed to the launch of the Challenger space shuttle despite concerns from engineers working on the launch. 

What is launch fever?


This term points to the importance of an argument, why it matters at the time it is delivered. 

What is exigence? 


NHV assumes you'll use this writing skill over and over in your college career and beyond, which is why it's emphasized in an early major paper. 

What is summarizing a text?


This "theory" is a framework that helps pinpoint what an argument is about. 

What is stasis theory?