Text Features
Nonfiction Text Structure
Nonfiction Text Structure Examples
Point of View
Main Idea
Section of text that provides the page number and chapter of a text
What is the Table of Contents
Nonfiction text structure known as time order, sequence, or temporal order. It has clue words such as first, next, later, after, before, following and then. Dates and times are also used.
What is Sequence of Events or Chronological Order
Goose bumps make me shiver. First I get cold. Then I shake all over. Just last year in 2013, I had a major goose bump outbreak. I think 2014 will be a better year for my goose bumps.
What is Sequence
The narrator is part of the story using "me, mine, I" is which point of view
What is first person

a group of animals living in one place

What is a colony?

Section of text that provides the definition of a word
What is the glossary
To show why something exists or is in place, to tell what happens as the result of an action or actions,
What is Cause and Effect
Goose bumps make me shiver. I get little bumps on my skin.They look like sesame seeds. Sometimes they are a bit red in color.
What is description

This point of view uses words such as you, yours, your

What is 2nd person


The act of moving to a new country to live there

What is immigration?
A feature of nonfiction text which consists of words that give information about a image
What is a caption
to present a dilemma or issue, and show how it can be resolved
What is problem and solution
Some people get goose bumps from fear. Others get goose bumps when they are touched emotionally.
What is compare contrast

This point of view uses words like he, she, they, them. A character in the story is not telling the story!

What is 3rd person


The artist's work inspired others to paint pictures with oil paints. 

Give a synonym for inspired.

What is influenced?

Words that provide more information than the title or heading
What is subtitle or subheading
Present how two topics are the similar and/or different.
What is Compare Contrast
Goose bumps make me shiver. When the temperature drops below 45 degrees, my skin crinkles into goose bumps.
What is cause and effect

I was so hungry that my stomach would not stop grumbling. I asked my dad if we could stop and get a bite to each. 

"No John!" Dad replied. "You should have eaten lunch when I offered it to you!" 

Who is the narrator? What point of view is this written in? 

John is the narrator and it is written in 1st person 


The rise and fall of the ocean

What is tide?

Section of a nonfiction text that provide resources in alphabetical order
What is the index
Nonfiction text structure that tells what something is. It provides details and adjectives of the topic
What is Desctiption
Goose bumps make me shiver. But they disappear as soon as I cover up with a jacket or sweater.
What is Problem Solution

Rachel and Mike were heading to the mall to meet up with friends. John's mom offered to drive them there. On the car ride there John's mom asked the kids if they had enough money to get dinner. 

"Yes mom!" John yelled.

Who is telling the story? What point of view is this told from?

We do not know who is telling the story, it is not a character in the story! This is told in 3rd person 


looking closely or in a searching manner

What is peering?

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