Newborn Care
Nursing Priority
Nursing Action

A nurse is reviewing car seat safety with the parents of a newborn. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include in the teaching regarding car seat position?

Back seat, rear-facing


The nurse assisted with the birth of a newborn. Which nursing action is most effective in preventing heat loss by evaporation?

Drying the newborn with a warm blanket


At birth, a newborn has a respiratory rate of 75 breaths per minute. In 1 minute, the newborn stops breathing. The first action by the nurse should be to?

Stimulate the newborn


The nurse helps a breastfeeding mother change the diaper of her 16-hour-old newborn after the first bowel movement. The mother expresses concern because the thick, sticky stool is dark green, almost black. She asks the nurse if something is wrong. How should the nurse respond to comfort this mother’s concern?

Explain that the stool is called meconium and is expected for the first few bowel movements of all newborns. 


During the initial assessment of a large-for-gestational-age (LGA) infant, it is essential that the nurse assess for complications that are common for this infant, such as?

 Fractures of the clavicle


The nurse evaluates the ability of a hepatitis B-positive birthing parent to provide safe bottle-feeding to the newborn during postpartum hospitalization. Which action best exemplifies the birthing parent's knowledge of potential disease transmission to the newborn?

The birthing parent washes and dries their hands before and after self-care of the perineum, and asks for a pair of gloves before feeding their newborn.


A nurse is caring for a newborn immediately following birth. What nursing intervention is a high priority?

Covering the newborn's head with a cap.


When assessing the heart rate of a sleeping 1-day-old newborn, the nurse counts 105 beats/min (bpm). What would be the nurse’s following action?

Document this as a normal finding.


A nurse is reviewing breastfeeding positions with the parent of a newborn. Which of the following positions should the nurse discuss?



The home care nurse visits a pregnant patient who has a diagnosis of preeclampsia. Which assessment finding indicates a worsening of the preeclampsia and the need to notify the primary health care provider?

The patient complains of a headache and blurred vision.


The nurse is taking care of a 30-week gestation preterm infant who is three days old. The infant is stable enough for a bath to remove the old blood and vernix but has areas of cracking on the skin. During the bath, the nurse should use?

Warm, sterile water


Methylergonovine is prescribed for a client to treat postpartum hemorrhage. Before administration of methylergonovine, what is the nurse's priority assessment?

Blood pressure


The nurse is assessing a client in the fourth stage of labor and notes that the fundus is firm but that the bleeding is excessive. What would be the nurse's initial nursing action?

Notify the Obstetrician/PCP


A new mother expresses concern that her 18-hour-old son has only voided once since birth. The nurse’s best response is:

“Newborns don’t void frequently for the first 2 days, but by the fourth day, it will be about six times a day.”


What patient education should be included regarding the morning-after pill levonorgestrel?

Levonorgestrel commonly causes nausea and heavy bleeding.


What tests assess for developmental hip dysplasia and instability?

-Barlow's test 

-Ortolani's test 

-Bending the knees and comparing height

-Comparing gluteal creases 

-Comparing leg lengths 


The nurse is monitoring a patient who is receiving oxytocin to induce labor. Which assessment findings would cause the nurse to immediately discontinue the oxytocin infusion?

-Uterine hyperstimulation

-Late decelerations of the fetal heart rate


The nurse is preparing to care for a newborn receiving phototherapy. Which interventions would be included in the plan of care?

-Monitor skin temperature closely

-Reposition newborn every 2 hours

-Cover the newborn's eyes with eye shields or patches


Which comfort measure should the nurse utilize to assist a laboring woman to relax?

Recommend frequent position changes


The nurse in the postpartum unit is caring for a patient who has just delivered a newborn following a pregnancy with placenta previa. The nurse reviews the care plan and prepares to monitor the client for which risk associated with placenta previa?



A newborn who is 12 hours old develops tremors. The nurse has assessed the blood glucose and calcium levels, which are within normal limits. What should the next assessment by the nurse be?

Assess newborn for prenatal drug exposure


The nurse is creating a plan of care for a newborn diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome. The nurse would include which priority intervention in the plan of care?

Monitor the newborn's response to feedings and weight gain pattern.


The nurse creates a care plan for a birthing parent with HIV infection and the newborn. The nurse would include which intervention in the plan of care?

Maintaining standard precautions at all times while caring for the newborn.


When suctioning a newborn, which technique should be used?

With the bulb syringe, the mouth should be suctioned first, then the nose.


A nurse is reviewing contraindications for circumcision with a newly hired nurse. What conditions are contraindications?


-Family history of hemophilia