Science Vocab
Main Idea

Anita has several packs of stickers that she does not want anymore.

ꞏ She has 84 animal stickers, 92 star stickers, 141 emoji stickers, and 27 rainbow stickers.

ꞏ She wants to give an equal number of stickers to her 4 younger sisters.

How many stickers should she give to each sister?

What is (84+92+141+27)/4=86 stickers?


A mixture of fresh and saltwater.

What is Brackish?


Which body of water could be classified as both salt and fresh water?

What is an estuary?


Sloths are the slowest mammals on earth. It takes a full minute for a sloth to move 6 feet across the ground. You probably couldn’t move that slowly if you tried! The sloth’s body is about 2 feet long. It has long legs, and curved claws that are 3 to 4 inches long. Their claws and their long legs help them climb trees and hang from tree branches. They spend almost their entire lives hanging from tree branches. The life of a sloth is not very exciting.

Name the main idea of this paragraph.

What is that sloths are the slowest animals on earth?



What is 13?


Mr. Hoover bought 15 bags of candy.

● 8 of the bags had 27 pieces of candy each.

● 7 of the bags had 132 pieces of candy each.

How many pieces of candy did Mr. Hoover buy?

What is (8x27)+(7x132)=1140 pieces?


A biome characterized as having little to

no precipitation. Home to plants and

animals that have adapted to this


What is the desert?


Name three animals that live in an aquatic ecosystem.

What are ducks, turtles, amphibians, etc.?


Sloths have a round head, small ears, a stubby tail, and sad-looking eyes set in a dark-colored “mask.” The shape of a sloth’s mouth makes it look like it is always smiling. It has extra bones in its neck that make it possible for it to turn its head almost all the way around. Sloths are very cute to look at, but they don’t put on much of a show.

What is the main idea of this paragraph?

What is that sloths are very cute to look at?

The name for the frozen ground in the tundra.

What is permafrost?


Write the expression that has a value that is 9 less than 7 tripled?

What is (3x7)-9?


To lose or shed.

What is deciduous?


Name the biome that has these plants and animals: monkeys, snakes, frogs tall trees, flowers, ferns.

What is the tropical rainforest?


Sloths are home to other plants and creatures. Tiny plants grow on the sloth’s fur, making the animals appear to be green. This green color makes the sloths almost invisible against the green leaves of the trees they live in. Moths and insects also live in the sloth’s fur. Maybe the sloths move so little and so seldom that the small creatures that live on them don’t even know they are animals.

What is the main idea of this paragraph?

What is that sloths are home to other plants and creatures?


Bob's class made 32 jack o lanterns, and so did the each of the other 25 classes in his school. How many jack o lanterns are there all together?

What are 800 jack o lanterns?


100 elementary schools are collecting can food items for a local charity.

● The schools have a goal to donate 40,000 cans.

● 57 schools have each collected 386 items.

● 43 schools have each collected 178 items.

How many more cans need to be collected to reach the goal?



What is 10,344 more items?


A change or the process of change by

which an organism or species

becomes better suited to its


What is adaption?


An ecosystem with various trees, shrubs, diverse animals, and adequate rainfall.

What is the forest?


Giant sloths the size of elephants once lived in many places on earth, including North America. Today, sloths can be found in the tropical forests of Central and South America. They eat leaves and berries. A sloth can stick its tongue out 12 inches. Maybe they developed this skill so they wouldn’t have to move to reach the tasty leaves and berries around their resting spot. Their main enemies are jaguars, eagles, and snakes. Many tropical forests are disappearing, along with the sloths that live there. It would be a sad thing if these fascinating little animals became extinct.

What is it would be sad if sloths became extinct?


What is 256?


The principal found 8,352 pencils in a storage room. If she wants to give an equal number to each of the 6 fifth grade classrooms, how many should each class receive?

What is 8352/6=1,392 pencils?


Organisms that break down dead

organisms and return the nutrients to

the soil

What are decomposers?


Something that only happens to the trees in the deciduous forest.

What is that they lose their leaves?


The facts that support the main idea.

What are details?


Mary's grandma makes 25 cookies. She keeps 7 for herself and shares the rest with her 6 grandkids. How many does each grandchild get?

What is 3 cookies?

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