Classroom Olympics
Olympic Fun Facts
Winter Olympics
Summer Olympics
Knowledge DWES/STMS Olympics'

Which team can stand on one foot the longest? (Pick one person to represent your group - the last one on one foot wins)

Who was the last one standing? They get the points for their team. 


Since 1994 the Winter and Summer Olympics have been separated by this many years 

What is every 2 years? 


This started in France in 1924

What is the first Winter Olympics?


About how many sports are there int the Summer Olympics

a. 30

b. 300

c. 337  

d. 1000

What is 300? 


Front office staff before Ms. Louise and Ms. Jennifer

Who are Ms. Jill and Ms. Trish? 


Paper Basketball - Which team can make the most baskets in 30 seconds? Pick one person to represent your group. Crumble paper and toss it into the basket. The team with the most baskets in 30 seconds wins. 

Which team had the most in 30 seconds?


This is the origin of the first ancient Olympics

What is Greece? 


This country hosted the Winter Olympics in 1960, 1980, and 2002

What is USA? 


How often are the Summer Olympics held? 

What is every 4 years? 


Name at least one sport and one club you can do at Sonoran Trails Middle School 

What is 

Baseball, softball, Volleyball, basketball, cheer, Cross country, Wrestling. 

Drama, NJHS, Robotics, Student Council, Yearbook, Dungeons and Dragons, SEED (sustainability club)


Ball Relay- Get in a line and pass the ball over your head backward then back up the line. The fastest team wins. 

Who was the team that did it the fastest? 


The first modern Olympics was held in the Greek city in 1896.

What in Athens? 


Number of Winter Olympic sports held on ice or snow 

a. 5

b. 15

c. 30

What is 15? 


Michael Phelps participated in this sport. 

What is swimming? 


The grass area outside the music room was originally used for 

A. lunch seat

B. Roadrunner pickup 

C. Outdoor Concerts

What is outdoor concert seating? 


Cone Heads- Pick one person from your team - each person places a cone on their head. The person who keeps the cone on their head the longest without touching it wins. 

Who was the last one?  


About how many athletes participate in a typical Summer Olympics? 

a. 1,000

b 10,000

c. 100,000

What is 10,000? 


This country has won the most Winter Olympic medals

a. Germany 

b. USA

c. Norway

d. Russia

What is Norway? 


This country has won the most Summer Olympic Medals. 

What is USA? 


Name the District Administrator who used to be the principal of Sonoran Trails Middle School

Who is Mr. Dolezal?


Pick one person to represent your group -Hold a plank for as long as you can. (the last one up wins) See the answer after 2 minutes if anyone is still up. 

Anyone still in a plank after 2 minutes gets the points for their team. 


The 2024 Summer Olympics will be held in this city. 

What is Paris? 

Bonus...What country is Paris in? 


Name 3 Olympic Winter sports

What is ______________?


Name 3 Summer Olympics that the USA has won medals in. 

What is _________


Desert Willow opened in this year 

A 1999

B 1989

C 2003

What is 1999?