Housekeeping Business
Interaction in Class
Extended Learning
Ms. Yip’s Personal Life

Describe Ms. Yip’s class when you enter her Zoom meeting

  • Hear relaxing music before class

  • Shared the class agenda on the screen

  • Meeting is available at least 5 mins before it begins


Are you giving any opportunity to collaborate with your peers during Zoom Meetings? How?

Yes, Breakout Room is assigned to almost every class meeting discussing the assignment with at least 3 or 4 classmates.


What date and times do the Extended Learning Zoom meetings take place?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 1:20-2:44 pm


How many times does she exercise in a week?

How many minutes?

Six days a week, at least 75 minutes!


How does Ms. Yip makes you feel welcome in her classes everyday?

She calls our names, and says “Good Morning!” to us individually everyday.


How do Ms. Yip select the students to participate or answer the questions in class?

  • Some students volunteer 

  • Ms. Yip uses the popsicle sticks to select the students


How does Ms. Yip ensure that I am using the Extended Learning time wisely?

I have to fill out the Weekly Extended Learning reporting to her the assignments that I work on daily.


What is her marital status?

How does it affect the way that you address her?

Single Lady! That’s why we call her Ms. Yip, and not Mrs. Yip, because that is her mother!


Do you know Ms. Yip’s expectation of you being her student?

We recruit Ms. Yip’s Class Statement everyday.  That is her expectation for us.


What method does Ms. Yip use to incorporate the maximum number of students to interact in class? 

Ms. Yip instructs the students to use either thumbs up (agree) or thumbs down (disagree) with the class responses.


List all the reasons why the students show up to the Extended Learning Zoom Meetings

  • Math peer tutoring

  • Tutor EL Students

  • Ask Retake math unit test

  • Ask Ms. Yip questions

  • Ms. Yip requests to see me 


During the current situation, how often does she leave her home?

Once a week, Friday after school for grocery shopping!


Without Repetto's agenda to record assignments and important days this year, what is the solution?

Ms. Yip creates the Weekly Agenda, and it is available for us every Monday by 7:40 am, and she goes over it on Monday and Wednesday.


List all the things that you can learn from the Math Breakout room.

  • Justify that my answers are correct

  • Realize that I have make mistakes, before Ms. Yip shows me the Answer Key

  • Learn how the correct the mistakes from my peers


When would the Extended Learning Zoom Meeting not be available?

During minimum day, and the last week of school


What philosophy did she adopt recently about her eating habit? Who inspired her with this statement?

Eat to Live, 

and Not Live to Eat, which was inspired by Ms. Perez!


When you can’t attend math or ELA classes, how would you find out the lesson and the assignment that you have missed?

The information is located on the Math or ELA Agendas, which are available for every class meeting since the first day of school.


List all the things that you can learn from the ELA Breakout room.

  • Catching the grammatical mistakes of the assignments or essays while reading it to peers

  • Learn how to improve the writing assignments from peers during sharing.


What are the requirements to be quality for the Math retake unit test?

  • Test score below 60%

  • Attend the Extended Learning tutoring 


How many years has Ms. Yip been teaching at Repetto? 8th Gr. Teacher?

This is Ms. Yip’s 17 years teaching at Repetto. Sixteen years as 8th Gr. teacher.

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