Big Ten Mascots
Famous People with MN Hometowns

In the big ten, there are currently 14 universities, however only this many have mascots with alliterative names. 



Born in Virginia, MN in 1979, this famous actor has played roles ranging from Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation, Owen Grady in Jurassic World, and Star-Lord in the Marvel Universe.

Chris Pratt


This famous singer had debuted her acting career in the 2010 rom com, Valentine’s Day, and two years later had voiced Audrey in The Lorax.

Taylor Swift


Though some schools change their mascot over the years, this university’s mascot has never changed, even though Nittany Lion is consistently ranked one of the worst in the big ten.

Penn State


This actress, ironically born in Winona, MN, won a Golden Globe for best supporting actress in 1994 for her role of May Welland in, The Age of Innocence. She is now also known for her role in the popular netflix series, Stranger Things as Will Byers’ mother, Joyce. 

Winona Ryder


This famous and successful tech entrepreneur named his son X Æ A-12. 

Elon Musk


This mascot is named Testudo and it is a diamondback terrapin, also known as the state reptile of this state. 



Born in St. Paul, MN in 1896, this famous author of the Great Gatsby called St. Paul, MN home until the 1920s when he moved to Hollywood.

F. Scott Fitzgerald


This 2019 thriller was the first non-english film to win Best Picture at the Oscars.


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