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"I wish they all could be .........."

What is / “California Girls" by The Beach Boys?


A cream or lotion that, / when applied, / protects the skin from the sun's rays. 

What is sunblock (or sunscreen)?


This country is south of the United States border, / and is a frequent destination spot for people trying to avoid cold weather. 

What is Mexico?


The first full day of summer was on this day this year. / It is also referred to as / the "Summer Solstice". 

What is June 20th? 


This sport has been a part of the official program of the Summer Olympic Games / since Tokyo 1964.

What is volleyball?


You can eat this on a stick. / It is frozen and comes in many flavours.

What is a popsicle?


"____ __ ______, Down by the sea on a blanket with my baby is where I will be"

What is "Under the Boardwalk" by the Drifters. 

Close-fitting eyeglasses / that have side shields to protect the eyes from glare, / dust, / water, etc. 

What are goggles?


This state is technically governed by the United States of America; / however, / it is positioned approximately 2000 miles from the mainland. 

What is Hawaii?


Oftentimes in the summer, / you will see young kids selling this cold drink / from a stand on the side of the road. 

What is lemonade?


This sport requires athletes to use a long, / flexible pole to jump over a tall bar. / It is considered a track-and-field sport. 

What is pole vault?


This delicacy has a claw & tail. / It turns bright red when boiled.

What is lobster?


"Callin' out around the world are you ready for a brand new beat?".

What is Dancing in the street by martha and the Vandellas


A flat, rubber attachment / that is worn on the foot / to improve underwater swimming.

What are flippers?

In what country is the biggest waterpark in the world?

A. France

B. Spain

C. Germany

What is Germany

Tropical island Resort is located 30 miles south of Berlin and can host up to 6000 visitors at a time and it's open year old. 


A device containing gunpowder and other combustible chemicals / that causes a spectacular explosion when ignited. / They are typically used for celebrations.

What are fireworks?


This sport involves a boat race that is typically 2 kilometres long / and is completed on calm water. / Sizes of teams can vary from 1 to 9 people. 

What is rowing?


A fuzzy fruit that is sweet / and you pick from a tree.

What is a peach?


"She was afraid to come out of the locker, / She was as nervous as she could be..."

What is / "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" / by Brian Hyland?


These kinds of pants are named after a Caribbean island.

What are Bermuda shorts?


This country is home to The Great Barrier Reef, / The Outback, / and The Alps. / Surprisingly, / the Alps here get more snow than The Swiss Alps. 

What is Australia? 


Many people go to the beach on a hot summer day to do this. / For those who aren't close to the beach, / the backyard works too.

What is sunbathing?


Which watersport is not part of the Summer Olympics

A. Water polo

B. Surfing 

C. Synchronizing swimming

What is Surfing

An oval fleshy fruit that is purple, / reddish, / or yellow when ripe / and contains a flattish pointed pit.

What is a plum?


"Sugar Sugar. /
Ah, honey, honey. /
You are my candy girl..."

What is / "Sugar Sugar" by The Archies?


An item of headgear that consists of a stiff brim / attached to a strap / that fits around the head. / It leaves the top of the head uncovered.

What is a visor?


This state is on the western border of the United States. / The most popular city to visit in this state / is Los Angeles. 

What is California? 


This summer sport is played on a diamond. / There is a home team and an away team. / Each team has nine "fielders": / 6 in the infield / and 3 in the outfield. 

What is baseball (or softball)?


This swimming event requires swimmers to extend their arms above their head / and then pull their hands toward their body in a semicircle, / with their palms outward. / The race is 100 metres. 

What is the 100 metre butterfly?


The method of cooking food is very popular in the summer. / It is also the name of the outdoor appliance / that is used to give food a charred taste. 

What is barbecue? 

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