Michael J. Fox
Communication Tactics
Public Activism

Main celebrity in this chapter 

Who is Michael J Fox?


A platform that celebrities use 

What is Instagram?

What is Twitter?

What is TikTok?


How Robin Williams passed away & what it brought awareness to

What is suicide, and what is mental health awareness


The disorder Michael J Fox had

What is Parkinsons?


The person that the POTUS took a picture with to appeal to the younger generations to get vaccinated 

Who is Olivia Rodrigo


The stance that Colin Kaepernick is known for and what it stands for

What is the taking a kneeling during the National Anthem and what is racial injustice and police brutality?


The movie Michael J Fox is known for or is in

What is Back to the Future I, II and III? 

What is Stuart Little?

What is Atlantis, the Lost Empire?


A current trend on TikTok

What is Noodles (to empower ourselves to give ourselves a break)

What is "I am woman, I am fearless..." song trend (to empower women)

*If your trend is valid, you will receive the points haha*


The movement started by Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Mindy Kaling and Gloria Steinem that focuses on providing support for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence 

What is #MeToo


The name of the foundation he founded

What is the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research?

A challenge with communicating to the public as a celebrity

What is misinterpretation

What is stigma

What is backlash

(very open ended, I want to hear your thoughts)


Angelina Jolie advocated for what

What is refugees 


The amount Michael J Fox's foundation raised in 2001 

What is $15 million


Communicating about one's struggles can inspire what to the public 

What is hope

What is strength

What is motivation

What is (anything, I want to hear your thoughts)


Jimmy Kimmel's Advocacy was around what

What is healthcare premiums and insurance?

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