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This philosopher was a disciple of Plato. His most important works include: "Metaphysics" "Nicomachean Ethics" and "Aesthetics". He created the three laws of logic

Who is Aristotle


Plato was this philosophers disciple, and most everything we know about him comes from Plato. This philosopher considered himself a "midwife of knowledge". 

Who is Socrates?


This Belief says Knowledge can be gained through reason alone

What is Rationalism?


This man is known for writing the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. 

Who is Karl Marx?


This thought experiment describes a group of people who had been chained to the walls of a cave for their whole lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall from objects passing in front of a fire behind them and give names to these shadows 

What is Plato's Cave


This Philosopher authored many dialogues, most often with Socrates as the protagonist. He believed in the theory of Forms/Ideals/universals, and was the head of a famous thought experiment called "_____'s cave" 

Who is Plato?


This man says "I think, therefore I am" (Cogito ergo sum) This man did a thought experiment where it was possible a demon was manipulating everything we experience consciously. 

Who is Rene Descartes?


Someone who uses this belief system does not believe one should pursue creating meaning in a meaningless world, one should just live

What is Absurdism?


This Philosopher is most well known for his phrase which was 'borrowed' by the American Declaration of Independence (Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of property). 

Who is John Locke?

This ethical theory proposes a decision is moral if it has positive effects for a greater whole 

What is Utilitarianism 


This philosopher is credited as the first, and was known for saying "Everything is water." 

Who is Thales (of Miletus) 


This man was a important Christian philosopher and theologian. His works include

"Confessions" and "The city of God" 

He was born in present day Algeria.

Who is St. Augustine


This belief is characterized by a complete rejection of all truth and meaning

What is Nihilism?


This female philosopher authored "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead". She left Russia at a young age and was known for her Anti-Communism and Anti-Left beliefs 

Who is Ayn Rand?


These are the major branches of philosophy 

What is 







This man is considered the 'first' philosopher, and is known for saying 'Everything is water'. 

Who is Thales


This mans important contributions to philosophy include the noumena-phenomena distinction. His books include "the critique of pure reason" and "The groundwork for the metaphysics of morals"

Who is Immanuel Kant


A simulation within a simulation is also known as this:

What is Simulacra?


This man was known for his radical skepticism. He believed all knowledge is uncertain and based in probability and supported by inductive logic.

Who is David Hume?
According to Plato, one can claim to have knowledge if they have these three elements:

What is 





This philosopher is known for saying "All things are in flux" and "You cannot step in the same river twice." he believes "All things are in a state of becoming. 

Who is Heraclitus


This mans most important work is the "Summa Theologica" and came up with the five proofs for God's existence. He was responsible for the introduction of Aristotelianism in the west. 

Who is Thomas Aquinas?


This is the metaphysical idea that a human is constituted by two parts: the physical and mental. Think: Descartes

What is Mind-Body Dualism?


This man was put in the 500 category solely because of how impossible it is to pronounce his name. He was famous for multiple concepts, including Ubermensch (people above moral standards)  and the eternal return. He believed life should be like art

Who was Fredrich Nietzsche?  



This man was famous for his works of fiction and philosophies. His famous works include: "Being and nothingness" "Nausea" and "The flies" 

Who is Jean Paul Sartre?