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The People You'll Meet
The Battles You'll Have
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These areas were featured as a part of Pokemon's first paid downloadable content.

What are the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra?


This Pokemon Researcher invented the PC Storage System and also mistakenly fused with a Pokemon.

Who is Bill?


This item can be used in wild battles but not in trainer battles.

What is a Poke Ball?

(Or other smarmy answer you can't remember right now)


This item always heals a Pokemon for 20 HP.

What is a Potion?


A Pokemon that can be mistaken for an Ultra Beast.

Hint: More than one choice.

What is the Cosmog line (Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo/Lunala) or Necrozma?


The only region where the Pokemon Professor retires over the course of the story.

What is the Galar Region?


This character is the only father we see of all the main playable protagonists.

Who is Norman?


These 3 moves have no effect in battle (Name at least 2).

What is Splash, Celebrate and Hold Hands?


A communication tool used as a gameplay element in a Pokemon main series game.

Hint: There are multiple, you only need to name one.

What is the Pokegear/PokeNav/Poketch/C-Gear/Rotom Dex/Rotom Phone?


The term Mythical Pokemon was coined during this Generation.

What is Generation V?


This Game Corner is not named after the location it resides in.

What is the Joyful Game Corner?

Located on Two Island in the Sevii Islands of Fire Red and Leaf Green.


This character's word of choice is "..."

Who is Red?


These two battle formats where introduced in Generation V (Black & White).

What are Rotation and Triple battles?


Originally found in Hoenn, you can collect ______ to have someone craft you a flute.

Bonus: Name all the flutes!

What is soot/volcanic ash?

Bonus: Blue Flute - removes Sleep, Red Flute - removes infatuation, Yellow Flute - removes confusion, Black Flute + White Flute - mess with encounter rates (lvl of wild Pokemon in ORAS).


This type has the lowest amount of pure Pokemon (Pokemon that are only that type).

What is Flying Type?


The only region that doesn't contain native Fossil Pokemon.

What is the Alola region?

Professor Oak's co-host on Professor Oak's Pokemon Talk.

Who is DJ Mary?


This battlefield effect increases the accuracy of moves, makes some moves unusable and negates some types of immunity.

What is gravity or intense gravity?


Name an evolution item that you use on a Pokemon that IS NOT an evolution stone (Fire Stone, Water Stone, etc).

Hint: Multiple answers, any one will do.

What is a Chipped/Cracked Pot orGalarica Cuff/Wreath?


This Pokemon weighs the most.

Hint: It can be one of two answers.

What is Cosmoem or Celesteela?


Which region has the highest population?

What is Kalos?


The Professor who studies the relation between Pokemon and dimensions.

Who is Professor Burnet?


This move has changed battle categories twice and changed type once. As of today, it is the only move to do so.

What is Bite?


This Poke Ball is the only one that can have a negative modifier.

What is the Heavy Ball?


This Pokemon was not natively available in the game it was introduced in.

Hint: It's the only non Mythical/Legendary Pokemon that has had this happen.

What is Tangrowth?

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