Conversation Skills
Think it or Say it

He had to use elbow grease to finish the obstacle course.

What does the bold term mean?

hard physical effort/labor


You wake up and hear a loud beeping. You hear your parents coughing while they are coming down the hallway towards your room. You smell smoke. 

There is a fire. 

Smoke and loud beeping. 


Your friend says, "I went to the arcade this weekend." What can you say to respond?

That's cool! What was your favorite game?

Did you win anything?

I haven't been but that sounds fun!


You notice your friend comes to school with a new hair cut and you think it looks pretty weird. "Hey, your new hair cut looks funny." 

Think it! 


You find a cat and want to be allowed to keep it.  Think of 3 different things you could say to your mom to convince her to let you keep the cat. 

Mom could we keep this lost cat.

I will help take care of the cat.

If we can't keep it, can we find a good home for the cat?

I can use some of the money from my job to get the things it needs.


Don't have a knee jerk reaction about the news.

What does the bold term mean?

quick/automatic response to something


Your brother looked in the rear view mirror and groaned, "Dad's going to kill me." You heard the siren and saw the blue flashing lights as your brother stopped the car. 

What happened? Find two details from the story! 

He is being pulled over. 

He may have been speeding.

Sirens and stopping the car. 


Your mom says, "I have had a hard day." What can you say to respond?

Option 1:  I'm sorry, what happened? 

Option 2:  Oh, ok. What's for dinner?

I'm sorry, what happened?


School is the worst, it's pointless!

Think it! 


There is a new student in your class.  You've already said "Hello," "How are you," and you've introduced yourself.  Think of 3 different things you could say next. 

Ask about their interests

Ask how they like the new school

Share information about yourself (e.g., your hobbies/interests)


You need to pull yourself together before we go in there.

What does the bold term mean?

to calm down


I looked everywhere for him, at the park, by the dumpsters, even at the shelter. No luck. All I found was his leash at the end of our driveway. I was so sad and worried. 

What happened? How do you know? 

Lost his dog. 

Leash and shelter. 


You want to play with your sister. She says, "I want to play chess" but you want to play Monopoly. What can you say to respond?

Let's compromise! First, we'll play chess, then we'll play Monopoly.

Well, we played monopoly last weekend so I guess we can play chess today.


I'm confused about this assignment. I don't understand what I am suppose to do. I think I could use some help. 



Your grandma asked you to call her once a week so the two of you can chat.  Think of 3 different questions you could ask her when you call her next. 

What did you do this week?

How are you feeling?

Is there anything you need help with around the house? (if you live close)

What was the best part of your week?

Tell her about your week


a golden opportunity

What does the bold term mean? Use it in a sentence.

the perfect chance for something


Edwin was cooking dinner. He put meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese and salsa into a crunchy shell. 

What was Edwin making? How do you know? 


Salsa, crunchy shell


You are having a conversation with your teacher about the break coming up. Your teacher is asking you questions about whether you have any plans. How do you keep the conversation going? 

Answer questions about your plans

Ask your teacher questions about his/her plans


Your teacher asks you a question in class. You give her an answer you thought was correct but she tells you it isn't fully right. 

Come up with a think it and say it comment to respond.

Think it: you just don't want me to be correct

Say it: Which part is wrong? Can I try again?


You didn't turn in your math homework because you didn't understand what to do.  You are hoping to get some help with the assignment so you can at least turn it in late. Think of 3 different things you could say to your teacher. 

I was having a hard time understanding this assignment.

I didn't have anyone to help me and didn't want to do it wrong and get more confused.

Could I get extra help today and turn it in at the end of the day/tomorrow?


in the doghouse

What does the bold term mean? Use it in a sentence.

to be in trouble/someone is upset with you


Carlos went to the movie theater on opening night for a new Marvel movie. He waited in a long line. As he got to the front of the line, he noticed his showtime wasn't on the board anymore. 

What probably happened? How do you know? What might he do?

Movie was sold out. 

The showtime wasn't available anymore.

He might see another movie or come back another day to see this movie.


Your friend says, "I can't wait to go to Florida for vacation!" 

What question can you ask him about his trip to show you're interested?

1. Who are you going with? / Who are you going to visit? 

2. What are you going to do in Florida? / What do you like about Florida? 

3. Where in Florida are you going? 

4. When will you be going to Florida? / When are you coming back? 

5. Why do you go to Florida? / Why do you like to go to Florida?


You're having a hard time understanding the lesson in math class and are super confused. 

Give two examples of say it comments.

This lesson is really challenging but I'm sure I'll get it eventually.

I could use some extra help.

Could we go over that last part again?


Your friends are talking about playing soccer but you really want to talk about the new Mario game that just came out. What should you do? 

Talk about soccer with them. Then, when there's a break/lull in the conversation say ask them if they have seen the new Mario game or if anyone has it yet.