prefix (un or mis)
prefix (re, pre)
prefix (non, dis)
Use It In a Sentence

My birthday party was awesome!. I couldn't hardly wait to take the paper off all my gifts.

What is unwrap?


I love the song, "Old Town Road"!. Every time it comes on the radio, I  ask my dad to play it again.

What is replay?


Who took the cookie from the cookie jar? "Not me", said Isabella with cookie crumbs all over her mouth. I do not think she is being honest.

What is dishonest?


Cayla was sad when her parents were  (un)____ to get her tickets to see Beyonce.

What is unable?


Don't give me the cold shoulder.

A. You are in trouble.

B. You got it correct.

C. You are ignoring someone.

What is (C)? 

ignoring someone


I am going to send you to Antarctica, young man. You have behaved wrongly in my class.

What is misbehave?


The directions for the recipe said to heat the oven before putting in the pie.

What is preheat?


I am different from my cat name mouse. He is not human and I am.

What is non-human?


Neidelyn can swim  ____water for 1 min.

What is underwater?


You have ants in your pants.

A. You need help.

B. You are wiggling.

C. You need help.

What is (B)? You are wiggling.


Excuse me, have you seen my dog named Kitty? It is not usual for her miss her treats.

What is unusual?


Jeremiah told Taj to hurry up. He didn't want to be late to see the viewing of up coming movies before the show started.

What is preview?


Kevin did not agree with Elijah about who was the cutest girl in his class. Kevin said, Ms. Walker is the cutest!

What is disagree?


If you want to be ready for something, then you must _____pare yourself.

What is prepare?


That's a piece of cake.

A. That's easy.

B. I am growing things.

C. I'm doing really well.

What is (A)?

that's easy


Why are you wearing shoes that are do not go together?

What is mismatch?


The mechanic told Mr. Zayden he needed to charge his battery before he started the engine.

What is recharge?


My teacher wanted the class to create a story about the monster eating seashell. "Seashells are not living creatures", I thought to myself. "They are _____".

What is non-living?


I looked over my writing in my journal and discovered I ____spelled a word wrongly.

What is misspelled?


I have butterflies in my stomach.

A. Put yourself in my shoes.

B. I need to chill out.

C. I am nervous.

What is (C)?

I am nervous


Heavenli was so brave, when the slithering snake slid down the slide and went right passed her feet. She was not afraid one bit!

What is unafraid?


When Ja'Mirah's art got wet from the rain, she had to paint it again.

What is repaint?


Walmart had a sale on Bluebell Ice Cream. The manager said the store will not continue to carry that brand in their stores.

What is discontinue.


Make sure you ____turn the library book before the time expires!

What is return?


Mr. Todd told Judy Moody to be to Antarctica because she yelped and jumped out of her seat.

A. The coldest continent

B. A place to chill (time out)

C. The principal's office

What is (B)?

A place to chill (take a time out)

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