True or False
Recognizing and Responding
Red Flags

Sexual assault is harmless flirting

 False. Sexual harassment is not about mutual attraction or harmless interaction. It involves unwelcome and inappropriate behavior that can create a hostile or intimidating environment for the victim.


what to do you do when someone tells you they are being sexually harassed?

Be a support system

tell an adult / teacher


What are some red flags that someone's behavior may constitute sexual harassment?

Persistent and unwanted advances, inappropriate comments or jokes, ignoring or dismissing someone's discomfort or boundaries.


unwelcome spoken words or sounds direct toward another person



name 2 ways to help someone that is being sexually harassed 

tell them to stop

tell a teacher


what are examples of inappropriate Comments or Jokes. 

Making sexual comments or jokes. 

Talking about someones body image 

Cat calling


Sexual harassment is only serious if involved physical contact 

False. SH can be verbal, nonverbal or in physical nature. 


 How can you respect someone's boundaries in a friendship or relationship?

Respect someone's boundaries by listening to their needs, asking for consent before engaging in physical or emotional interactions, and honoring their wishes without pressuring them to change.


what are some Unwelcome Physical Contact

Touching, hugging, or other physical contact that is unwelcome or inappropriate, especially if it persists after the person has expressed discomfort or asked for it to stop.


If someone dress provocatively, they are asking for attention or comments

False. Everyone has the right to dress however they want without fear of harassment, being judged or being cat called.


what should you do if you think your actions is making someone uncomfortable?



what is a form of Sexual harassment without touching or cat calling 

Spreading rumors or gossip of a sexual nature about someone, which can be damaging to their reputation and create a hostile social environment.


The term “Boys will be boys” they cant control their behavior

False. This is a stereotype and a excuse to inappropriate behavior. Boys need to respect boundaries.


what do you do if you see something?



How do you know if someone is uncomfortable?

they are not smiling, they get mad, body language, looks uncomfortable or tell you to stop