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USG Positions

Mr. John, 80th Eng Batch Legislator, has incurred 5 unexcused absences from the Legislative Assembly Sessions. Mr. Jude, Chief Legislator, decided to file a complaint against Mr. John. Will the case prosper? Use pristine logic or ALAC method for your answer.

1. Any willful violation of this Constitution and its bylaws.

2. Gross negligence of duty


 Who can file a resolution of impeachment against a USG officer?

Any student or officer of the USG


Who are the members of the University Student Government?

All undergraduate students from DLSU - Manila and Laguna Campus


State all the first and last names of the current counsel officers.

Rasheed Nono

Angelica Mendoza

Lunette Nuñez

Elijah Flores


Upon the checking of the Commission on Audit, the documents of the Office of the President surfaced a missing 20,000 pesos on their account. When COA asked the Chief Financial Officer of OPRES, Lili, she could not give a direct answer to the commission. The commissioners exhausted all possible means in their jurisdiction to find out what happened to the missing 20,000 but to no avail. The Chairperson decided to file for a complaint. Will the case prosper? Use pristine logic or ALAC method for your answer.

Illegal Disbursement of Funds


Who shall impose all the necessary sanctions?

The Judiciary


According to the new USG Constitution, what do you call an elected official in the Legislative Assembly?

Batch Legislator/Campus Legislator


Who are the current magistrates of the USG JD and among them, who are the present candidates for chief magistrate? (FULL NAME)

John Andre B. Miranda

Jericho Jude Q. Quiro

Reginald Geoffrey L. Bayeta IV


Jericho Jude Q. Quiro

Reginald Geoffrey L. Bayeta IV


Nono, Director for Finance of FAST2030, is a project head for "MoneyTalk101: A Seminar on Financial Literacy". He filed for a leave of absence because he was chosen to be a delegate of DLSU Model United Universe to be held in France. Given this conflict, he assigned his associate project head, Mendo, to act on his behalf. However, there were miscommunications between Mendo and Nono that resulted in the event being unsuccessful. Mendo then decided to file a complaint against Nono. Will the case prosper? Use pristine logic or ALAC method for your answer.

Gross negligence of duty


WITH EYES CLOSED!! State all the grounds for impeachment according to the USG Constitution

1. Any willful violation of this Constitution and its bylaws.

2. Gross negligence of duty.

3. Illegal disbursement of funds.

4. Any behavior which undermines the integrity of the USG.

5. Any other forms of gross misconduct as provided by the USG policies


In cases wherein the USG President becomes incapacitated, who among the remaining executive board officers will assume presidency?

Vice President for Internal Affairs


When was the USG JD established?

November 2008


The Legislative Assembly moves to include a provision that will enable them to appoint a magistrate of their choosing. Is this constitutionally correct? Use pristine logic or ALAC method for you answer

Grave abuse of discretion amounting to excess of jurisdiction


Explain the process when a magistrate is subjected to an impeachment complaint.

1. LOA

2. Choose a prosecuting officer as his/her temporary replacement within 24 hours

3. Impeachment proceedings will be chaired by the president along with 5 unconfirmed impartial appointees from the students

4. The matter should be resolved unanimously within 3 weeks.


The LCSG Executive Board which shall hereinafter be referred to as the LCSG-EB shall be composed of?

LCSG Campus President

LCSG Campus Treasurer

LCSG Campus Secretary 

LCSG College Representatives


When was the google drive folder for the Callo v Andan case last modified on the USG JD Library?

September 13, 2018


On December 15, 2025, a post was made which circulated on the Facebook group "A group where we all pretend to be in Taft" containing screenshots of a conversation on the mobile application Telegram between the Batch President, Batch Vice President, and Batch Legislator of BLAZE2025 with the group name being "BLAZE2025 EB". It can be seen in the screenshots that the Batch President, who was from Santapat, expressed derogatory remarks against his opponent from Tapagon during the general elections 4 months ago. Did the Batch President commit any violation? How about the Batch Vice President and Batch Legislator? Use pristine logic or ALAC method for your answer.

Any behavior which undermine the integrity of the USG


Suppose that a magistrate is unavailable during an impeachment hearing, what are the ONLY valid excuses as stated in the new USG Constitution?

1. Academic concerns such as regular and make-up classes

2. Representing the University in an official event

3. Health concerns

4. Death of an immediate family member


What are the names of the current USG executive board and their respective positions?

President Maegan Ragudo

VP for Internal Affairs Jaime Pastor

VP for External Affairs Cate Malig

Executive Secretary Annika Silangcruz

Executive Treasurer Noel Gatchalian


Sing the University Hymn

Hail, Hail
Alma Mater,
Hail to De La Salle!
We’ll hold your banner high and bright,
A shield of green and white,
We’ll fight to keep your glory bright,
And never shall we fail,
Hail to thee our Alma Mater!
Hail! Hail! Hail!

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