Simplifying Ratios
Unit Rate

The ratio of girls to boys is 5:7.  If there are 15 girls, how many boys are there?

21 boys


Mrs. Jordan made cookies for her kids. She made 14 with sprinkles and 12 without sprinkles.  What is the simplified ratio of the number of cookies with sprinkles to the number of cookies without sprinkles?



A turtle goes 6ft in 3 seconds. If it were to travel one more second, how far would the turtle have traveled?

8 feet


What is 40% of 27? 



An aquarium tank holds 91 gallons of water. How much is this in liters? Use the following conversion: 1 gallon is 3.8 liters. 

345.8 liters


In a warehouse, there are 4 crates for every 5 barrels. If there are 36 crates in the warehouse, how many barrels are there?

45 barrels


An orchard has 40 gala apples for every 15 granny smith apples. What is the simplified ratio of gala to granny smith apples?

8 gala :3 granny smith


Kim ran 3 miles in 30 minutes. At what rate did Kim run?

A.6 miles per hour

B.6 miles per minute

C.10 miles per hour

D.10 miles per minute

A. 6 miles per hour


Which answer is equal to 60%?

A. 1/6

B. 2/3

C. 3/5

D. 6/9

C. 3/5


An aquarium tank holds 285 liters of water. How much is this in gallons? Use the following conversion: 1 gallon is 3.8 liters. 

75 gallons


In a museum, there are 84 paintings for every 34 sculptures. If there are 588 paintings, how many sculptures are there?

238 sculptures


For every 25 kindergarteners, there are 35 6th graders. What is lowest terms of kindergarteners to 6th graders?

5 kindergarteners : 7 6th graders

A printing company has designed a new color cartridge that will print, on average, 50.3 photo-quality pages per fluid ounce of ink.  If the standard cartridge size contains 0.74 fluid ounces of ink, how many full, photo-quality pages can you expect this cartridge to produce?

A.37 pages

B.51 pages

C.68 pages

D.372 pages

A. 37 pages


What is 25% of 160



One liter is approximately 34 fluid ounces.  Which is closest to the number of liters in 153 fluid ounces?



A school bought 120 headphones for $1,483.20. How much did the school pay per headphone?

12.36 $ per headphone

A panderia makes 45 yellow conchas and 72 green conchas. What is the simplified rate of yellow to green conchas?

5 yellow : 8 green


Leila needs to buy plastic spoons. Brand A has a box of 42 spoons for $1.68. Brand B has a box of 72 spoons for $3.60 . Find the unit price for each brand. Then state which brand is the better buy based on the unit price.

Brand A- .04 Cents

Brand B- .05 Cents

Better cost? Brand A


Leila started to run on a treadmill after setting its timer for 77 minutes. The display says that she has finished 71% of her run. How many minutes have gone by?

54.67 minutes


An apartment has 972 square feet of carpeting. How much is this in square meters? Use the following conversion: 1 square meter is 10.8 square feet. 

90 square meters


In a school, there are 8 pencils for every 2 pens. If there are 1,384 pencils, how many pens are at the school?

346 pens


At school, for every 51 students that choose pizza for lunch, 17 choose salad for lunch. What is the simplified ratio of students that eat salad to students that eat pizza?

1 salad : 3 pizza


Aldo drove 360 miles in 5 hours. At the same rate, how many miles would he drive in 12 hours? 

864 miles


A file that is 286 megabytes is being downloaded. If the download is 14% complete, how many megabytes have been downloaded?

40.04 Megabytes


Fifth grade students textbooks are 1.3 cm thick. Sixth grade students textbooks are 1.6 cm thick. 

If they created a tower, using 23 5th grade books and some 6th grade book that equaled 57.1 cm tall, how many 6th grade book were used?

17 books

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