Skill Acquisition and Behavior Reduction
Professionalism and Requirements

What is the difference between punishment and reinforcement?

Punishment decreases behavior, reinforcement increases behavior


How long the behavior occurs for is called?



This assessment consists of presenting two items to an individual and saying "which one?" 

Forced-choice preference assessment


What are the four functions of behavior?






What is a multiple/dual relationship and provide an example

Having two different relationships with one client. 

Providing ABA therapy and babysitting the same client.


Provide an example of positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement


You are recording how long it takes for a client to initiate a response after placing the SD. What are you measuring?



Explain the process of ABC data collection and provide a reason of why ABC data is collected?

A behavior of interest is observed. Once it occurs, the antecedent will be reported as what happened immediately before the behavior. The consequence will be reported as whatever happened immediately after the behavior. This helps us come up with antecedent interventions as well as consequence interventions. Allows us to determine a possible function for the behavior. 


Explain how to conduct a forward chain, backwards chain, and total task analysis. 

-Least to most prompting for the first step, full physical the remaining steps. 

-Full physical prompt all the steps. Last steps will be prompted least to most. 

-Let client attempt each step and prompt as necessary.


You have to tell a parent that a peer injured their child (a client you were working with at the time) and the parent gets upset. They ask whether it was Rylee or Michaela that caused the injury. What do you do?

State you cannot provide client names but if they would like to discuss the situation further you can get the BCBA. 


Reinforcement is delivered on an average of every 2 minutes in which the behavior occurs.

What type of schedule of reinforcement is this?



John is counting aggression based on how many scratches he has on his arms after session. What method of recording is he using?

Permanent product


Sarah likes to watch people sit on benches every day. What function of behavior does this fall under?


What are some antecedent interventions?

Use of visual schedules, timers, transitional warnings, priming


A parent picks up their child late from session. They explain to you why they are late and ask for recommendations on veterinarians in the area and begin asking questions about your own dog. What is wrong in this situation and what can you do?

Discussing topics unrelated to client and therapy services which can lead to a multiple relationship. Keep your answer vague, and circle back to the client as quickly as possible. 

After 10 minutes has passed, the first response is reinforced. What schedule of reinforcement is this?

Fixed interval of 10 minutes


How do you collect momentary time sample data? Does this underestimate or overestimate behavior?

Look up at the end of the interval and mark whether the behavior of interest is occurring. Underestimates because you are not watching the entire time and may miss instances of behavior. 


Name all the types of formal preference assessments



Paired Stimulus

Single Stimulus

Free Operant


What are the three components of a behavior protocol and provide an example of each

Antecedent interventions-priming

Behavior/replacement behavior- yelling, tapping shoulder

Consequence interventions-DRA


What is considered confidential information? 

a. electronic records

b. written records

c. information about a client that can be found online

d. age of client

e. all of the above

e. all of the above


Provide a definition of DRA and provide an example

Provide a definition of DRO and provide an example

Reinforcing each instance of an appropriate, alternative behavior to the problem behavior. 

Providing attention for appropriate attention-getting methods

Reinforcing the absence of challenging behaviors

After 30 minutes if Jack does not have aggression he can go outside. 

Duration of time between two responses

Inter-response Time (IRT)


Explain how you would conduct an MSWO (multiple-stimulus without replacement) preference assessment?

Create an array of items in front of the client and ask them to choose one. Rearrange items left in array and allow client to play with chosen item. Remove chosen item, and present the rest of the items prompting the client to choose one. Continue this process until all toys have been chosen or client does not want any more.

You provide reinforcement to a client when he claps and ignore them when he hits. What type of reinforcement strategy is this?

DRI with extinction 


You go to the grocery store and see your favorite client to work with, with his mom. He is having a tantrum over denied access to candy and you know exactly what to do to handle it. What do you do?

Do not interact as this can violate confidentiality 

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