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Jeff is a traveling photographer. Why is his character ironic in the entire film? 

He is bound to a wheelchair and can't move freely. 


What does it mean when the camera zooms in on a specfic room?

That room and its character(s) are the focus of Jeff's attention. 


Why is she called Miss Torso?

Because she is always dancing in a dance outfit. 


Who is famoulsy dating Travis Kelce? Or is he dating her?????

Taylor Swift


Who plays Jeff, the main character bound to his wheelchair?

James/Jimmy Stewart


Lisa and Stella criticize Jeff's spying behavior at the beginning of the film. Why is their behavior as the films go on considered ironic?

They both begin to believe and help him


What does Jeff expect his detective friend to do?

Go in to the apartment and search without a warrant or permission. 


Why is she called Miss Lonelyhearts?

She is always alone and depressed. 


What major event takes place on April 8, 2024?


Who plays Lisa, the love interest of Jeff? 

Grace Kelly


Why is the end of the film considered to be ironic?

Jeff wants to get his cast off but ultimately loses the use of both legs. 


What does Stella tell Jeff would help to improve his sleep quality?

He should sleep in his bed and stop sleeping in his chair. 


Why is she called Miss Hearing Aid?

She is shown to be deaf.


Name 1 of the top five pop songs currently on the charts.

Top five as of 3/6/24

1.) Texas Hold'Em - Beyonce

2.) Carnival - Kanye, et. al.

3.) Lovin on Me - Jack Harlow

4.) Beautiful Things - Benson Boone

5.) Lose Control - Teddy Swims


Who is the famous director of the film?

Alfred Hitchcock


Why is the reveal of Miss Torso's love interest considered ironic?

He is a chubby soldier who wears glasses. 


Lisa wears fancy dresses and outfits early in the film. She wears jeans a simple shirt near the end. What does this tell you about how she has changed througout the film?

She has begun to believe Jeff and wants to help him find answers. She is less concerned with dressing up and impressing Jeff.


Where did Jeff become famous for his photography?

He took pictures in the war. 

Who directed the film Citizen Kane?

Orson Welles


What is the film I mentioned we used to watch in English I that was also directed by the same person?

The Birds


What is ironic about how Jeff fights off his attacker?

He is attacking Jeff because he doesn't want to get caught, but Jeff is basically photographing his attack. 


This film was originally released in black and white. What one specific part of this film would have been quite different if we did not watch the color version?

The focus of the characters and their specific rooms wouldn't have the same meaning


Lisa wants to marry Jeff. Jeff doesn't want to get that committed. Why does he feel this way AND why is it ironic?

He doesn't want to stay in one place and thinks that Lisa is TOO perfect for him. 


What movie company did Charlie Chaplin establish?

United Artists


Name one other famous movie that was directed by this film's director.

Several Options