Coping Skills
Helio OTP

What is a Trigger?

Something that encourages a person to want to use or makes them think about using


What is the coping skill when you focus on something else called?



What is necessary to earn take home doses in the OTP? 

Compliance with Bottles, Coming to dosing, attending counseling and groups. MTD only screens. 


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the act of focusing on your surroundings to let you control your thoughts instead of them controlling you.


What are side effects of Methadone?

Increased sweating, constipation, itchy skin, slow breathing, sexual problems, restlessness


What is the best way to prevent a trigger?

Identify it, talk it about it. Avoid it. Use coping skills. 


What is an example of a distraction coping skill?

Watching TV, listening to music, talking a walk, spending time with positive people, cooking....


What are behaviors that can get you kicked off the Program?

Violence at the program, Refusing to go to a higher level of care, threatening a staff member, Dealing drugs at the program...


Where can you practice Mindfulness?

Anywhere! All you need if your mind!


How long does it take your body to fully absorb your methadone dose? 

7-13 minutes


Does any trigger justify drug use?

No. Life will always have challenges by we use our coping skills to manage stress and negative situations.


When should you use a coping skill?

When I am feeling any emotion that is causing me distress or I am thinking about doing something I might regret later.

Example, when feeling angry, depressed, triggered to use, manic happiness....


What substances are prohibited in the OTP?

Gabapentin, Alcohol, Benzo's


How can Mindfulness help your mental health?

Decrease Anxiety, depression, 

Increase mood regulation, anger regulation, empathy...


Why do you need an EKG on Methadone?

Methadone slows down your heart a small amount, so they want to ensure there are no other heart issues already there. 


What is the something you can do before you experience a trigger to prevent use?

Create a relapse prevention plan


What coping skills can you do daily to prevent urges to use?

Prevention: Sleep 8 hours, Go to a meeting, talk about your feelings, exercise, practice mindfulness...


What is the role of the counselor in your recovery?

Someone to talk to, someone to help develop a plan to overcome specific obstacles in your life, someone to encourage you to continue in Recovery, hold you accountable to goals you set....


Name 4 kinds of mindfulness practice

Grounding, meditation, Body Scan, Mindful eating, yoga, exercise, gratitude...


Treatment and recovery are just about abstaining from drug use?

What is False. Treatment and recovery are about improving in all areas of your life: interpersonal relationships, ability to hold employment, stabilizing mental health, etc.


People, Places and Things are often considered the three most common triggers- What is the fourth one that impacts people no matter where they are?



What is an opposite action coping skill?

An act that creates the opposite emotion of what you are feeling. 

For example, When Sally wants to punch a wall, she looks at happy pictures of her family. She feels angry, but does something that makes her feel happy instead.


What is an MDT?

A meeting with the doctor, Nurse, and counselors to discuss a client's treatment. It is an intervention.


How does mindfulness benefit your physical health?

It lowers blood pressure,

lower cortisol levels (stress hormone),

increases immune function (get sick less often),

Increases Empathy for others

Lowers Heart rate

Lower Anxiety


What's the difference with between Methadone and Suboxone?

Suboxone makes you go into withdrawal if you use opiates.

Methadone is a full agonist and Suboxone is a partial agonist. Both block the euphoric feelings of the opiate. 

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