How Well Do You Know Keansburg?
Jersey Shore

Who is the actor from Keansburg, born in 1974, and primarily known for his role in films directed by his longtime friend, Kevin Smith.

Who is Jason Mewes?


What was the first sport to be played on the moon?

What is golf?


How much was Jon Heder paid to play Napoleon Dynamite?

a. $1,000

b. $10,000

c. $100,000

What is $1,000? The movie grossed over $40,000,000 in the United States.


What is the name of New Jersey's only legal nude beach?

What is Gunnison beach? It is technically located on federal property as part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, so local ordinances don't apply. Higbee Beach in Cape May was once a nude beach, but nudity was officially prohibited in 2000. 


Who is the richest musician of all time?

Who is Jay-Z?

2.5 billion


The land that is now Keansburg was originally home to the ______ Native Americans.

What is Lenni Lenape?


In 1962, which basketball player scored 100 points in a single NBA basketball game. No one has broken this record (not even Steph Curry!).

Who is Wilt Chamberlain?


Which actor apparently stole his Star-Lord costume from the set, for the sole purpose of having it available so he could show up in costume to visit sick children in the hospital, who might want to meet Star-Lord.

Who is Chris Pratt?


What town/city is home to the longest boardwalk in the world?

What is Atlantic City?

It spans 5.75 miles and also runs through Ventnor. The boardwalk was once over 7 miles, but it was partially destroyed by a 1944 hurricane.


What is the most-selling album of all time?

What is Michael Jackson's Thriller?


What was the population in Keansburg, NJ in 2021?

a. 6,247

b. 8,935

c. 9,751

What is c: 9,751?


What does the 'G' on the Green Bay Packers helmet stands for?

What is greatness?


What was the most expensive film ever made? 

What is is Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). It had a jaw-dropping budget of $533.2 million. It’s also the first Star Wars movie made by Disney.


In which Jersey Shore town/city will you NOT find any alcohol to purchase?

What is Ocean City?


According to Guinness World Record, in 1993 whose New Year’s Eve concert on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was the most-attended free concert that ever took place?

Who is Rod Stewart? 

An estimated 4.2 million people were in attendance at this performance.


Which brothers repurchased the amusement park in 1995 and added a waterpark?

a. the Gehlhaus brothers

b. the Hildaburg brothers

c. the Slater brothers

Who are a: the Gehlhaus brothers?


In 1919, which Cleveland Indians pitcher was struck by lightning in the middle of the 9th inning and kept playing?

a. Ray Caldwell

b. William Cummings

c. Hugh Duffy

Who is a: Ray Caldwell?


Which professional football player was considered for the Terminator, but the producers feared he was "too nice" to be taken seriously as a cold-blooded killer.

Who is O.J. Simpson?


Who is the most famous “conductor” on the Underground Railroad that lived in Cape May in the mid-1800s, working in hotels and clubs to fund his or her missions?

Who is Harriet Tubman?


Which rapper has the most words in a song, at a whopping 1.560 words?

Who is Eminem?

Rap God  


Which ex-major league baseball player and New York Yankee born in 1950 is from Keansburg?

a. Leo "The Lip" Durocher

b. Jack "Happy Jack" Chesbro

c. John "The Count Montefusco"


Who is c: John "The Count" Montefusco?


Which sports team has the most wins by a team?

What is the Green Bay Packers? They have the most wins by a team, with 799 wins.


The Michael Myers’ mask in Halloween is which actor's face? 

Who is William Shatner’s face?

Or specifically, his Star Trek character, Captain Kirk. There wasn’t money in the 1978 horror film’s budget to create a custom mask, so the art director bought a clown and a Captain Kirk mask. The crew spray-painted it white, and adjusted the eyes and hair to create the terrifying mask.


How tall is the Giant Wheel in Wildwood?

What is 156 feet high? 

It is one of the tallest on the East Coast. 


According to reports, which country's naval officers play Britney Spears songs to scare away Somali pirates off of Africa’s eastern coast.

What is Britain?

Her songs “Oops I Did It Again” and “Baby One More Time” are the songs which are used. The rationale of playing these songs is because, supposedly, Somali pirates have a strong dislike for western culture and music, which make Britney Spears’ songs a perfect fit to make the bandits move on as quickly as possible.