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The Negotiator

Obi-Wan Kenobi


Lord of pain

Darth Sion


All 3 🎬/📺/🎮 in The New Republic era

50 points each

  • The Mandolorian
  • The Book of Boba Fett
  • Ahsoka

Too which planet did the Jedi travel to and find their new home after Tython and the civil war?



What is a Dark Jedi?

A Dark Jedi is a Force-wielder who relies on the dark side of Force without fully committing to the Sith.


Hero With No Fear

Anakin Skywalker 


The Apprentice



All 🎬/📺/🎮 in the Fall of the Jedi era

50 points each

  • The Phantom Menace
  • Attack of the Clones
  • The Clone Wars
  • Revenge of the Sith
  • Tales of the Jedi

What is the Infinite Empire and when did it start and end?

The Infinite Empire, also known as the Rakatan Empire, or the Rakata Empire, was an galaxyspaning empire in the galaxy ruled by the Rakata, an advanced species from the planet Lehon in the Unknown Regions that used their knowledge to conquer and enslave other species throughout the galaxy. 

Before 36,453 BBY - approximately 25,200 BBY


What is the name of the first Star Wars game?

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back


Heart of the Force




Darth Zannah


Name all 9 eras and order them in the right chronological order. 

50 points each

  • Dawn of the Jedi
  • The Old Republic
  • The High Republic 
  • Fall of the Jedi
  • Age of the Rebellion
  • The New Republic 
  • Rise of the First Order
  • New Jedi Order

Name 5 people who have had the title Dark Lord of the Sith and what does the title mean?

The title Dark Lord of the Sith, or Jen'ari in the Sith language, originally referred to the rulers of the Sith Empire. 


When was the galaxy formed approximately?

13,000,000,000 BBY



Luke Skywalker 


Bringer of Chaos



All 🎬/📺/🎮 in the Age of the Rebellion era

100 points each

  • A New Hope
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Return of The Jedi
  • Battlefront 2
  • Squadrons

Name all the Sith Emperor/Empress and what does it mean to be a Sith Emperor. 

Sith Emperor, or Emperor of the Sith, was the sovereign ruler of the Sith Empire. At least three Sith Lords ruled as Sith Emperor: Vitiate, Darth Vowrawn, and Darth Krayt, while Darth Acina ruled as Sith Empress. After what many believed to be the death of Vitiate, Darth Malgusdeclared a "New Empire" and claimed the Siththrone.


What is Tho Yor and what order is it affiliated with?

A massive pyramidal starship that has been buried in the Andobi Mountains for centuries. 

The Je'daii


Sword of the Jedi

Jaina Solo Fel


 Dark Man

Darth Krayt


All 9 🎬/📺/🎮 in The Regin of the Empire era, in order (some is unknown where exactly but they are roughly the same time). 

75 points each

1. The Bad Batch

2.1 Jedi Fallen Order 2.2 Solo

3. Obi-Wan Kenobi

4.1 Jedi Survivor 4.2 Andor

5. Rebels

6. Vader Immortal 

7. Rouge One


How did the Daughter become the embodiment of light side, and how did the Son become the embodiment of the dark side. 

They were both tempted by the light and dark side respectively and the Father told them to never drink from the Font of Power, or bathe in the Pool of Knowledge. 

The Daughter bathed in the Pool of Knowledge and she became the incarnation of the light side.

The Son drank from the Font of Power and he became the incarnation of the dark side. 


The Contingency Orders for the Grand Army of the Republic: Order Initiation had 150 orders. What is Order 4?

In the event of the Supreme Commander (Chancellor) being incapacitated, overall GAR command shall fall to the vice chair of the Senate until a successor is appointed or alternative authority identified as outlined in Section 6.