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Who is Sherlock Holmes?

He is a clever detective.


Where does Hana want to work at?

She wants to work at a farm.


Did Dinu enjoy hiking this morning?

Yes, he did.


Kate went to Australia. What season was it in Australia?

It was (the middle of) winter.


If it is sunny, what will you do?

I will ____.

(Example: I will play soccer.)


When did Ms. Brown read Peter Rabbit?

She read it when she was a child.


Where does Mark want to work at?

He wants to work at a farm.


Kate can’t see the lakes. Why?

It’s because of the fog.


Why did Kate go to Australia?

Her aunt invited her to her home in Sydney.


May I sit here? (Answer in 2 words.)

Yes, you may. / Of course. / Sure, go ahead.


Why does Riku enjoy the story of Peter Rabbit?

Peter Rabbit’s adventures are thrilling. He also like the pictures.


What do Hana’s grandparents use at their restaurant?

They use organic fruits and vegetables.


Why was there a fog?

When warm moist air cools down at night, it becomes a fog.


People stopped calling the giant rock Ayers Rock. Why?

It’s because it hurts the Anangu and made them sad.


What’s your plan for this weekend?

I’m going to ___.

(Example: I’m going to go shopping.)


Why does Peter Rabbit’s mother tell her children not to go to Mr. McGregor’s garden?

When their father went there, Mr. McGregor caught him and put him in a pie.


What are the three reasons Hana wants to be a farmer?

1. She likes fresh vegetables.

2. She is interested in technology.

3. She thinks that farming is a way to bring people together.


What are the good points of the Warka Tower?

It has a good design.

A small team of people can build it in just one day.

They use eco-friendly materials.

The tower works without electricity.


Why is Uluru a sacred place?

It is because it is the place of their ancestors.


What do you want to do tonight?

I want to ___.

(Example: I want to play video games.)


How many sisters does Peter Rabbit have? What are their names?

He has 3 sisters: Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail.


Why does Hana think farming is a way to bring people together?

It’s because she worked at a farm with other visitors and they did many things together.


How does the Warka Tower provide people with clean water?

It collects rainwater and dew in a pot at the bottom of the tower. The tower also catches fog when the air cools at night. The water vapor in fog turns into tiny drops of water on nets. The tiny drops come together into large water drops and fall into the pot.


How do you make the Anangu happy? Name 3 things.

Consider their traditions before you act.

Do not take rocks as souvenirs.

Do not take pictures of the sacred places.

Walk around Uluru.


What is fun for you?

___ is fun for me.

(Example: Listening to music is fun for me.)

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