Performance Standards


What is Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance


All infants will be placed on their back to sleep in safety-approved cribs only.

What is Safe Sleep Policy


Also known as Non Federal Share, this is the 20% funding match RHS, Inc. is required to collect.

What is In Kind


Due for every child within 45 days of entry into the program and recorded in Health Events in ChildPlus.

What is Health and Developmental Screenings


A family's "story." Where all contact with the family is documented.

What is Routine Contacts

  • Teaching & learning environment
  • Curricula
  • Child screenings and assessments

What is Education Services


Due to health concerns; including allergies and food sensitivities, as well as religious  and personal food preferences, we must restrict food prepared off site. Therefore, we do not allow outside outside food to be distributed to children.

What is Food Policy


PFCE for short, this framework describes the program elements that can work together to positively influence child and family outcomes.

What is Parent Family & Community Engagement Framework


Required for completion by the Human Resources Department prior to hire

What is required background checks.


Required fields staff must fill out that provide annual reports to the Office of Head start.

What is PIR - Program Information Report

  • Safety practices
  • Child health status  
  • Oral health practices
  • Child nutrition
  • Child mental health and social and emotional well- being
  • Family support services for health and nutrition

What is Health Services


Children shall play outdoors daily for 30-45 minutes when weather and air quality conditions do not pose a health risk.

What is Outdoor Play Policy


This framework describes what children should know and do in five central developmental domains:

  • Approaches to Learning
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Language and Literacy
  • Cognition
  • Perceptual, Motor and Physical Development.

What is Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (HSELOF)


Checkpoints required  three times a year to track children’s development

What is HELP Assessments


Event started when a child turns 30 months old.

What is Transition Planning.

  • Parent activities to promote child learning and development
  • Family partnership services
  • Community partnerships

What is Family and Community Engagement


RHS, Inc. implements positive guidance methods to strengthen each child's sense of security, self-regulation, social competence, and self worth.

What is Child Guidance Policy


The tool used to track families' yearly progress in:

  • Family Well Being
  • Positive Parent/Child Relationships
  • Family as Lifelong Educators
  • Families as Learners
  • Family Engagement in Transitions
  • Family Connections to Peers and Community
  • Family as Advocates and Leaders.

What are Family Outcomes Assessments


After this amount of time, a parent must be notified for attendance.

What is 1 hour.


Where to document and track when a family asks for help with something, and how we addressed it.

What is Needs Identified Event

  • Policy Council
  • Board of Directors
  • Parent Committee

What is Program Governance


All data must be entered into the appropriate system in a timely manner to allow for use in ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement efforts. Supervisors are responsible for monitoring the timeliness of data entry and the accuracy of the data entered.

What is Data Management Policy

  • RHS, Inc. will achieve and maintain full enrollment across program options.
  • Children will enter kindergarten with confidence and competence across the ELOF.
  • Families will have the skills and knowledge to help their children achieve long term success in school and in life.
  • Children will experience optimal health and wellness with the support of their families and RHS, Inc.
  • Children and families will benefit from cohesive and seamless program services to meet their needs.

What are goals of the grant.


The screener that is done throughout pregnancy and up until the infant is one-year-old to detect depression and anxiety

What is the Edinburgh Depression Screener


Must be entered and updated on an ongoing basis in the Staffing event.

What is Family Goals

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