Winter Idioms
Winter Weather
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Winter holidays
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Rain Check

The baseball game was cancelled because of the weather, I guess we will need to get a rain check.

What is get a ticket or promise to be able to do the activity on a later date or buy the product later?


This is a word for a bad snowstorm.

What is a blizzard?


In the movie Frozen, what is the name of Kristoff's reindeer?

Who is Sven?


The holiday on the last day of the year to celebrate the upcoming year.

What is New Year's Eve to New Year's Day?


This is what you should do if you receive a present that you don't like. 

What is smile and say thank you. (maybe later return or regift it)


Under the Weather

Dad was feeling under the weather, so he didn't go to work. 

What are feeling sick?


Name a type of precipitation that occurs in the winter.

What is snow, sleet, freezing rain or hail.


In the movie Elf, Buddy is looking for who?

Who is his dad.


This is  Jewish holiday on which we light eight candles on a menorah.

What is Hanukkah?


This is how you can keep in touch with friends over the winter break.

What is a call, text, social media, games online, or visit (with social distancing)?


Sweet Tooth

Jenny really had a sweet tooth and loved Christmas cookies. 

What is liking sweet foods?


I appear on the outside of windows (like on car windows) in the cold weather.

What is frost?


Children need this to get on the Polar Express.

What is a golden ticket (found in their pocket)?


On this holiday, people wait for a little brown animal to come out of his hole to see if he sees his shadow.

What is groundhog day?


This is how you might deal with an annoying relative when meeting over the holidays.

What is make polite conversation and then find something else to do, ignore them, or keep yourself busy so you don't have to interact with them?


Get a head start on

I really need to get a head start on planning for the holidays. 

What is start early to get things done?


At what temperature does water freeze?

What is 32 degrees


What kind of animals dance and sing in Happy Feet?

What are penguins?


A holiday celebrated on a Monday (in January), to honor the man who is known for his non-violent actions during the civil rights movement.

What is Martin Luther King Jr. day?


This is how we can make our neighbors or people in our community happy during the holidays. 

What is give to a toy drive, bring them food or cookies, send out Christmas cards?


Out of Here

As soon as it is Friday afternoon, I am out of here for Winter Break. 

What is leaving, gone, finished with an activity and moving on?


The number of sides or points which a snowflake has.

What are six sides, or six points?


What kind of animal is Sid in Ice Age?

What is a sloth?


This holiday lasts from December 26th to January 1st to celebrate African American culture.

What is Kwanzaa?


This is how you are sensitive to cultural differences during December. 

What are learn what holidays your friends or others celebrate? (Don't assume that they celebrate Christmas, it is best to ask)