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You're in a cement room with no windows or doors. The only thing you have is a mirror and a piece of wood. How do you get out?

In the mirror, you will notice the dark patch, and using the table wood, you can break the wall and escape.

A cement wall doesn't mean that the wall is wet or dry. You happen to notice the dark patch on the wall where the cement was wet, and thus if you push the wall using the table wood, it would break easily. Thus you can escape easily from the room.



A cottage is robbed.

The neighbor's testimony: "I heard a noise from my neighbors' cottage and went to their site. I look into the house, I breathed on a frozen window and saw the mess."

Why did the police arrest him?


Windows freeze and get covered with ice from the inside and the neighbor was breathing on them from the outside.



You have a fox, a chicken, and a sack of grain. You must cross a river with only one of them at a time. If you leave the fox with the chicken he will eat it; if you leave the chicken with the grain he will eat it. How can you get all three across safely?


Take the chicken over first. Go back and bring the grain next, but instead of leaving the chicken with the grain, come back with the chicken. Leave the chicken on the first side and take the fox with you. Leave it on the other side with the grain. Finally, go back over and get the chicken and bring it over.


What is represented with this rebus?


More often than not!


How could a member of the military communicate silently and without light?

Braille was based on a tactile military code called night writing, developed by Charles Barbier in response to Napoleon's demand for a means for soldiers to communicate silently at night and without light. In Barbier's system, sets of 12 embossed dots encoded 36 different sounds. It proved to be too difficult for soldiers to recognize by touch and was rejected by the military.



 Solve the puzzle and give the correct answer.

Dark Circles Under the Eyes


A Blind Man has 2 red pills and 2 blue pills in his hand. He has to eat exactly 1 red pill and 1 blue pill or he'll die in the next 30 seconds. The pills are indistinguishable from each other aside from their color. What does he do?

Break each of the pills in half, as you do this pop one half in your mouth and lay the other half aside for tomorrow. When he’s done this with all four pills he will have consumed one red pill and one blue pill. And have the same left over.



I have two arms, but fingers none. I have two feet, but cannot run. I carry well, but I have found I carry best with my feet off the ground. What am I?


A wheelbarrow


What might you have if you don't feel well?
 Hint: The Letters are, E G O S O V N L. There are 11 spaces.


Gloves on


I'm white, perfect for cutting and grinding. For most animals, I am a useful tool. What am I?




I met a man on my way to St. Ives On my way to St. Ives I saw a man with 7 wives. Each wife had 7 sacks. Each sack had 7 cats. Each cat had 7 kittens. Kitten, cats, sacks, wives. How many were going to St. Ives?


Only one is going to St. Ives...the narrator! All of the others are coming from St. Ives. The trick is that the listener assumes that all of the others must be totaled up, forgetting that only the narrator is said to be going to St. Ives. If every one mentioned in the riddle were bound for St. Ives, then the number would be 2,802: the narrator, the man and his seven wives, forty-nine sacks, three hundred forty-three cats, and twenty-four hundred and one kits.



A man comes home from work and says "honey I'm home". The microwave is on, defrosting a chicken dinner. From the bedroom his wife shouts "Hi sweetie, could you have a look at the microwave and tell me how much time is left?"

He immediately runs out and calls the police, informing him that his wife is in danger? Why?


The Man was Blind so he suspects that his wife is in some danger and thus calls the police.



A blind man named Grandpa has boarded a train to his home. He underwent a successful operation on his eyes and the doctor asked him to open the bandages after 6 hours. On his train journey, he opened the bandages and within seconds commit suicide by jumping off the train.

Why did Grandpa commit suicide despite his eye operation was successful?


When blind man "Grandpa" opened his bandages, the train must be passing through the dark tunnel. The man thought he was still blind and hence commit suicide.



You are evacuating from a hurricane-threatened city. You drive by the corner of a street. An old injured lady, your best friend (who has saved your life 3 times), and the woman of your dreams are standing there. You only have room for you and someone else in your car. How do you save all of them?

You give the car to your best friend. He takes the lady to the hospital in your car. You wait with the woman of your dreams until your friend comes back in his van which can carry 5 people. Then you leave before the hurricane comes.



Alan fires a bullet from his handgun and his friend Wade catches the bullet with his bare hands. The gun shoots actual, deadly bullets. The bullet does not touch anything but air after it leaves the gun and until it reaches Wade's hand. Wade is uninjured. How does he do it?


Alan fires his bullet from a .25 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), which will reach a maximum height of 2,287 feet. He shoots directly upward while standing at the base of Burj Khalifa, a 2,722-foot tall building.

Wade is a window cleaner at that building, waiting at 2,287 feet. When the bullet reaches that height and is about to go back down again, he reaches out with his bare hands and catches it.

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You have 12 pills and they all got the same weight, except for one, which hasn't got the same weight. You don't know if it is heavier or easier. You have one scale to weigh the pills. You now have to find out, which pill is the right one (the one with a different weight), but you can use the scale only three times. How do you know, which one is the right one? You have 12 pills and they all got the same weight, except for one, which hasn't got the same weight. You don't know if it is heavier or easier. You have one scale to weigh the pills. You now have to find out, which pill is the right one (the one with a different weight), but you can use the scale only three times. How do you know, which one is the right one?

E = easier in "1", H = heavier in "1". 1: Weight 4:4. If they balance go to "2", if they don't balance, go to "3". 2: Balance 1:1 of the pills you didn't weigh yet. Then weigh one you didn't weigh and one you did weigh. If they balanced in the first weighing and balanced in the second weighing, the last pill is the right one. If they balanced in the first weighing and didn't balance in the second, the one you didn't use before is the right pill. If they didn't balance at all, it's the pill you weighed twice. If they didn't balance in the first weighing, but balanced in the second, it is the first pill. 3: Weight EHH: EHH. If they balance, weigh one you already weighed, with an unweighed and go to "4". If they don't balance go to "5". 4: If they balance, the one you didn't weigh at all is the right pill. If they don't balance, the one you only weighed once is the right one. 5: Give away every pill that was once easier AND once heavier. You should only have EHH left. Weight H: H. If they balance, E is the right one. If they don't balance, the one which was only heavier the whole time is the right pill.



Bob is dead in the INSIDE of his apartment. There is a puddle of water, a ball, some glass, and a broken window How did Bob die? What is Bob?

Bob died by suffocating. Bob is a fish.



Ray Whitcombe was found dead in his office at his desk. The police have narrowed the suspects down to three people:

Mrs. Barbara Whitcombe, Ray's wife
Mr. Jason McCubbins, Ray's business partner
Mr. Harold Nichols, Ray's best friend

All three visited Mr. Whitcombe the day of his murder, but all three provided the police with stories of explanation as to the reason for their visit.

Police found Mr. Whitcombe with his wristwatch still on his right arm, a torn-up picture of his wife laying on the floor beside the trash can, and an ink pen in his right hand. On the desk, the police found a nameplate, a telephone that was off the hook, and a personal calendar turned to the July 5th page with 7B91011 written on it. After examining this evidence, the police knew their suspect.

Who was it?


Jason McCubbins, Ray's business partner.

The calendar was the clue to solving this murder. The police realized that since Mr. Whitcombe was wearing his watch on his right arm, he must have been left-handed. Realizing that the number on the calendar was written in a hurry and with his opposite hand, police matched the written number with the months of the year. So the B was an 8, thereby giving us 7-8-9-10-11: July, August, September, October, November. Use the first letter of each month and it spells J-A-S-O-N.



It falls in drops or torrents but never gets hurt, what is it?


Rain or Snow


In England, the Queen was with the duke on her way to her throne. When trying to sit down on her throne, she fell backward. She was so embarrassed so she told the duke this: "Until you see me again, you shall not tell anyone what happen to me." Back at his house, a lot of reporters her a rumor about the Queen and went to see the duke know what happened to her. But the duke gave his word to the Queen not to reveal to anyone what happened to her. So all of the reporters gave up except one. He gave the duke a lot of money and the duke told the whole story. The next, the Queen, angry, called the duke and told him that broke his promise and told the whole story. But the duke told her that he kept his word and followed her instructions.

How can he say that he did keep his word?

The Queen said that: "Until you see me again you shall not reveal to anyone what happen to me." The face of the Queen is on the money.


A man arrives at a small town and needs to get his hair cut. He discovers there are just two barbers in the town. He visits the first one and finds that he has a clean haircut and a clean place. Then he visits the second one and finds his place is a mess and he has an awful haircut.

After a moment of consideration, he decides to have his haircut done by the second barber.



Both barbers must go to the other barber to get their haircuts. Since the first barber had a clean haircut, that means the second barber gives good haircuts and the first barber doesn't.



When I was 6, I had a sister half my age: now I'm 70, how old is my sister now?


When you were 6 your sister was 6/2 = 3.

Now that you are 70 your sister is 70-3 = 67


Snow White asks the dwarfs a question. 2 of them are lying and 3 can only say the truth. Bashful: " Dopey lies if Sleepy is honest." Dopey: "If Happy doesn't lie, then Bashful or Sleepy do." Happy: " Sneezy lies, as does Bashful or Dopey." Sleepy: "If Dopey is honest, then Bashful or Happy do as well." Sneezy: "with Bashful, Happy, and Sleepy, there is at least one liar." The compulsive liars are?


The compulsive liars are Sneezy and Dopey.

The excerpt has been taken from the story "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

The seven dwarfs are Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey.

The story shows how the dwarfs are living a peaceful life in Dwarf Woodlands and they come across Snow White. They then try to protect her from the attackers and the poisoned apple from the Queen.



Sand + Net + Bikini =



Timothy and Urban play a game with two dice. But they do not use the numbers. Some of the faces are painted red and others blue. Each player throws the dice in turn. Timothy wins when the two top faces are the same color. Urban wins when the colors are different. Their chances are even.

The first die has 5 red faces and 1 blue face. How many red and how many blues are there on the second die?


Each die has 6 faces. When two dice are thrown, there are 36 equally possible results. For chances to be even, there must be 18 ways of getting the same color on top. Let X be the number of red faces on the second die. We have: 18 = 5X + 1(6 - X)

X = 3

The second die must have 3 red faces and 3 blue faces.


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