Social Skills
Coping Skills
Conflict Resolution

What are ways you can display respect towards your teacher?

Listen when they are speaking, use manners, follow directions, offer to help them. 


What is a coping skill?

Something we do to feel better. 


How do I earn a mainstream class out?

Merit status, good grades, good behavior, and showing my social worker and teachers I deserve it


Your classmate is talking out or being rather annoying. You are starting to get frustrated because it's hard to focus on anything other than your frustration. What should you do? 

Take a break, request to speak to teacher in the hallway, or request to speak with a social worker. 


What are the 4 zones of regulation?

Blue, Green, Yellow, Red


Your classmate seems to be having a rough day. They seem irritated and they are having a hard time following directions. What is something you can do? 

Give them space, ask if they are okay, or offer to be there for them when they are ready. 


State a coping skill that you can use in the classroom?

Deep breathing, taking a break, chill room, requesting social worker


Each morning I fill out 3 things, those are?

Check in sheet for Ms. Phillips, Mainstream slip, and daily RISE card


During lunch, one of my classmates said something to hurt my feelings. How should I respond?

A. Punch them

B. Say something mean back

C. Tell them why that hurt my feelings in private

C. Tell them how I am feeling in private


Mrs. Kania's dog's names are?

Woody and Milo


What does it mean if you are talking to someone and they are not looking at you, arms crossed, not really responding to your conversation, and say "Yup" alot....? 

They are not interested in the conversation. 


When should you use a coping skill? 

A. As soon as you feel the trigger 

B. Once you are mad

C. As soon as you are about to explode

A!! Use those coping skills EARLY 


I keep earning referrals for the same thing. In the RISE program this is called?

Chronic Behavior


Does getting angry help to solve disagreements and arguments? Name some ways to handle anger?

Coping skills, talking to a trusted adult


Mrs. G's cat's name is 

Zoey! Not to be confused with Chloe her grandaughter


If you are talking when someone else is talking that could be considered disrespectful and rude. True or False



How can drawing, coloring, or art be used as a coping skill (when used at an appropriate time)? 

It allows you to relax, take your mind away from what is bothering you, 


Name 1 thing your social worker is used for?

Safe person to talk to, teach you social skills, process referrals, take you for breaks, help you understand how to fix situations with teacher or friends. 


After I processed my referral with my social worker, the next thing I do to make things right is?

Apologize to the person


Ms. Phillips always comes to school with...?



How do you know if someone is a GOOD friend?

You can trust them. They are KIND to you. You share similar interests. They respect you. 


Ms. Phillips and Mrs. Kania always tells us to use what coping skill when we are starting to get frustrated?



Name 1 automatic referral

Leaving classroom without permission, using racial slurs, sexual harassment, physical aggression


What can I do to prevent having conflict with others?

I can do my best to use coping skills to prevent getting upset, I can communicate appropriately with people when they do something to make me upset, I can apologize when I have done something wrong, I can own up to my mistakes when I make them. 


Our next day off of school is?

Martin Luther King (MLK) Day! 

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