Medication Safety
Fall Risks and Prevention
Infection Control
Nursing Safety
Patient Safety

Right patient, right medication, right indication, right dose, right time, right route, right documentation

What are the Rights of Medication Administration


A patient with this on, is at risk for falls

Yellow socks, Armband


You are providing care to a patient with C.Diff. After removing the appropriate PPE, you perform hand hygiene by: 

What is using soap and water?


What does R.A.C.E. stand for?

Rescue - Alarm - Contain - Evacuate or Extinguish


These two patient identifiers are used prior to administering medications, performing treatments, obtaining and labeling any specimens, and prior to administering any blood products.

What is the patient's name and date of birth?


Undesired, unintended, unpredictable responses to medication

What are adverse effects


To help prevent falls, you need to report

A.Clutter on stairways

B.A co-worker pulling a wheelchair through a doorway

C.A floor cushion beside the bed

D.Equipment and supplies on 1 side of the hallway

Clutter on stairways


Your patient in droplet precautions has family visiting. As the nurse you inform the family they should stand how many feet away from the patient: 

What is 3 feet or more. 


Name four methods of identifying a patient. 

full name     date of birth

phone number  photo


A process of identifying, analyzing, treating, and evaluating real and potential hazards.

What is risk management?


When monitoring for adverse reactions to a new medication, watch for these raised, irregularly shaped skin eruptions with varying sizes and shapes. Eruptions have reddened margins and pale centers.

What is urticaria (hives)


This is the first thing you should doing if a patient falls



The correct sequence to Donn PPE

What is Gown, Mask/Respirator, Goggles/Faceshield, and Gloves


What is HIPAA?

HIPAA is a federal law that protects sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient's consent or knowledge


Performing this action is the number one evidence-based method to prevent infection.

What is Hand Hygiene?


This target concentration falls between the minimum effective concentration and the toxic concentration.

What is the therapeutic range?


A fall risk assessment should be done how often?



Name three airborne diseases:

What is Measles, Tuberculosis, Varicella,


An accurate and comprehensive report used by healthcare agencies to document any unexpected or unplanned occurrence that affects or could potentially affect a patient, family, or staff is called?

Incident report 


You are a nurse and approached by a family member of one of your patients. She indicates that her mom (patient) appears to be "not right". After assessing the patient you determine you need help. Who do you call for additional assistance?

What is the Rapid Response Team?


A child weighs 29.7 lbs and is prescribed a medication for 0.8mg/kg/dose. The medication comes from the pharmacy as 10mg/2mL. What volume will you give to the patient? Round to the nearest tenth.

What is 2.2mL?


Before transferring a person to the bed, you must

A.Raise the bed rails

B.Get a grab bar

C.Lock the bed wheels

D.Remove the person's shoes

Lock the bed wheels


Mandates that all patients be treated as if they have a deadly disease, regardless of their health history. 

What is Universal Precautions?


Who is responsible for the patient's safety?

A. Doctors B. Nurses C. Patients D. Everyone

D. Everyone


Technique used to communicate a (S)ituation, (B)ackground, (A)ssessment and (R)ecommendation.

What is SBAR?

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