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So far in 2019, there have been __ school shootings at US schools in which someone was hurt or killed.

  1. 94

  2. 57

  3. 22



True or false? Schools have many entrances/exits that are hard to monitor and keep locked throughout the day.



True or false? The largest single component of the Safe Schools Initiative is Bill Clinton’s (Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).

True, an effort to expand community- oriented policing to schools nationwide


Southwestern High School in Shelbyville Indiana is one of the safest High Schools in America. They have recently implemented bulletproof doors, hallway cameras that feed directly to the local sheriff’s office, and even ceiling smoke canisters that can be detonated in hallways to visually impair an attacker or active shooter. How much do you think these types of security systems cost?

  1. 1 billion dollars

  2. 400 million dollars 

  3. 400 thousand dollars

  4. 3.8 million dollars 

400 thousand dollars


Maryland and Virginia school districts designed a school safety system: schools must teach their students the 3Ps

  1. Policy, plan, process

  2. Policy, prevent, process

  3. Plan, prevent, (don’t) panic 

policy, plan, process


2018 had the greatest number of school shooting incidents at __ recorded incidents. 

  1. 59

  2. 82

  3. 74



True or False? A school visitor can enter the building with no questions asked.



True or false? Schools in America are safer than schools in Austria, Iceland and Portugal.

False, Iceland is first, Portugal third and Austria fourth


According to IndyStar, what is the biggest reason low-income schools are labeled as “unsafe”?

  1. Low-income schools cannot afford new security systems

  2. In general, violence is not well-funded in terms of research...There’s no evidence on what works and what does not

  3. there are other reasons

Low-income schools cannot afford new security systems


True or false?

According to a Florida SB (Senate Bill), people who have been committed to a mental institution are prohibited from possessing a firearm until proven allowed.



When do most school shootings occur?

  1. Morning

  2. Afternoon

  3. Upon dismissal



Emergency communication platforms, are designed to improve the outcome of emergencies through...

  1. faster responses 

  2. more effective communication between school faculty and staff and first responders

  3. keeping everybody safe and informed during emergency situations

  4. All of the above

All of the above


True or false? The Federal Government’s first foray into school safety was the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act in 1994.

Fasle, the Gun Free Schools Act of 1994 (GFSA)- made it a crime for anyone to bring a firearm close to a school district.


True or False?

One of the biggest reasons high school lockdown procedures fail is lack of communication.



True or false?

There were over 20 school shootings in the past year that resulted in deaths in the United States.


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