School Counsellor
What does a
SC do?
Class Lessons

Who is your school counsellor?

Ms. Knowles 

( Rhymes with bowles, trolls and goals)


Who does the school counsellor work with?

Classes, groups, individuals, teachers, school staff and parents. I really like hanging out with the Breakfast Club ladies.


Name two topics of classroom lessons?

Healthy choices, conflicts, peers pressure, boundaries, friendship strategies, bullying, unexpected behaviour, anxiety.worries, mindfulness, exploring feeling/emotions and learning about your brain


Name a couple of different emotions beyond mad, sad, happy.

excited, tired, angry, scared, nervous , calm, annoyed, uncertain, worried, lonely, disappointed  and hundreds of more


How many years has Ms. Knowles been a school counsellor at Giant's Head School?

2.5 years

yet I taught here for 8 years. My mom worked at GH many years ago as the school secretary. 


Are you in trouble when you meet with the school counsellor?

NO!  I am one of the problem solvers at school. 


Why does the school counsellor teach classroom lessons?

To teach students important skills to be successful for life.


Is it possible to feel angry, scared and excited at same time?


Emotions can happen together, even when it doesn't make sense to us at the moment.


What grade levels does Ms. Knowles work with?

Kindergarten to Grade 5


Why would someone meet with the school counsellor?

situations at home, friendship problems, mentorship, to learn to manage your feelings, struggling strong feelings with sadness, anger, worry and many more reasons.


What is the most important classroom expectation when I visit your class?

Respectful listening 


What is a coping(tool) skill? 

A skill or tool that someone uses to help them gain control when having strong emotion.


True or False

Ms. Knowles is the only school counsellor at our school?


There are many other people at school that can help you, including your classroom teacher, other teachers and school staff, including Ms. Allison and Mr. Edwards. You get to choose who your safe people are.


How do you get to see the school counsellor?

Ask your teacher, have your parents contact the school or ask Ms. Knowles


School counsellors teach students social skills to help students make 

good choices to have healthy friendships.


Name a coping skill.

Deep breaths, use a calm space, reading, listening to music, walk away, get a drink of water, talk to an adult, take a break, 5-5-5 (push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks), thinking of something else that makes you happy(a pet, favorite activity) 

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