Offer vs Serve
Production Records
Food Safety
Portion Sizes

What are the five meal components?

Grain, Fruit, Meat/Meat Alternative, Milk and Vegetable


What are the three categories that must be filled out on the production record everyday?

Planned, Offered, Served


What are the first two steps employees must do before starting their shift?

Wash hands and hold back hair with a hair net, beard net, or hat. 


Where are the two places you can find the serving size? (Hint - asking Jenn is not one of them)

production record and recipe


What needs to happen when substituting an item?

Add it to your production record


What are the minimum requirements for a reimbursable meal at lunch?

Students must select a minimum of 3 out of the five components, 1 being a fruit OR a vegetable.


You notice there is leftover food on your line at the end of meal service. What must you do before you throw out the food at the end of service?

Count the items and record them on the Production Record under the "leftover or waste column".  


When putting away an order, what is the order the following foods should be stored: raw beef, leftover pasta, whole oranges, frozen bread, pre-cooked diced chicken? Please list from top to bottom. 

1. Leftover pasta

2. Oranges

3. Frozen Bread

4. Pre-Cooked Diced Chicken

5. Raw Beef


No matter the age group, what is the portion size for every fruit we serve?

1/2 cup 


What is wrong with this substitute?

Sweet Potato Fries --> Potato Wedges

These vegetables are in different vegetable subgroups


What are the requirements for a reimbursable meal for ECE students?

All five components must be offered and taken! If any components are left in the bag - we can not claim them!


True or False: In HS, you must offer a minimum of 1/2 of vegetables per lunch?

FALSE! You must offer at least 3/4 cup per day or 2 - 1/2 cup portions of vegetables


What is the internal temperature for reheating food or heating pre-cooked food from frozen?



What portion size is a #8 scoop?

1/2 cup


True or False: You can sub any grain for a grain

True, as long as the portions are on the same


True or false: You must have at least 1 - 1/2 cup serving of fruit on your line at breakfast

FALSE! You must always offer 1 cup at breakfast daily (2 - 1/2 cup fruits or juice)


True or false: Is the HACCP log part of your production record?

False, this is something cooks and staff should be filling out prior to service 


What is the temperature danger zone range?



Oh no, soybutter & jelly sandwiches are out of stock! When making a homemade Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich, how much sunbutter are we supposed to put on each sandwich?

2oz or 1/4 cup


Name three items that can be served for breakfast with a 1oz cereal? 

1. graham cracker

2. cheese stick

3. hard boiled egg


A student only wants fruits and vegetables for lunch, is this a reimbursable meal?

No, because they are missing a 3rd component


Complete this sentence "________ totals for served should match your _____ __ ____ numbers" 

Meals totals should match your end of the day numbers


You made mac & cheese for lunch and there is a pan that was not touched. How do you properly store the leftovers to ensure you can use them the next day for supper?

1. Ensure hotel pan cools from 140 to 70F within the first 2 hours

2. Ensure hotel pan cools to 40F or below within the next 2 hours after

3. Wrap in tin foil & store in fridge

4. Heat in oven until internal temperature reaches 165


Most vegetables we serve are in 1/2 cup portions. However, there are a few vegetables we serve in a 1 cup portion. What is subgroup for this vegetable?

Raw Leafy Greens (ex: romaine, fresh kale, etc)


The tofu never came in! Name 5 food items that can be served for a vegetarian option

1. beans

2. hummus

3. cheese-based items

4. eggs

5. Chik'N Nuggets

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