Heat Transfer
Elements of Earth and Atmosphere
Earth Layers
Rock Cycle
Tectonic Plates

Conduction involves what?

What is direct touch (example: Heat pack on sore muscles)


Main characteristics of convection

What is Heat rising, cooling, and sinking

Example: Anything that moves in a circular motion


A block of ice is placed on a hot sidewalk. The ice melts due to what heat transfer and why

what is conduction; the energy from the sidewalk flows to the ice.


What layer of the Earth is composed primarily of iron and nickel?

Inner Core


What two processes in the rock cycle must occur in order for magma to be converted to igneous rock.

What is cooling and crystallization


When two plates move towards each other (oceanic and continental plate) they form what kind of plate boundary?

What is Convergent Plate Boundary


Sunlight passing through the windows of a car and causes the car seats to get hot describes what heat transfer

What is Radiation due to heat rays


Largest Gas in our Atmosphere

What is Nitrogen 79%


Which layers of Earth are made of solid material?

What is crust and inner core


Which process accounts for the formation of horizontally layered rocks? Draw a picture of what this rock might look like?

What is compaction and cementation


When two plates move towards each other (oceanic and continental plate) they form what geological feature?

What is volcanoes and trenches due to subduction zones


What would happen to the heat energy in a blanket if a blanket is placed on a bed? (hot to cold)

What is the heat energy spreads from the blanket to the bed via conduction


2 Most Common Elements in the Earth's Crust are

What is Silicon and Oxygen


What is the difference between the oceanic crust and the continental crust is that the oceanic crust

What is that the oceanic crust is more dense (sinks) than the continental crust


What is the correct order of formation of sedimentary rock? 

(Weathering -->? --> ? --> Compaction)

Weathering --> Erosion --> Deposition --> Compaction


Which two plates collided with each other to form the Himalaya Mountains?

What is the Indo-Australian and Eurasian